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2024 Kitchen Giveaway Winner Announced!

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The Winner of the $75k Dream Kitchen Giveaway Announced!

The #1 Core Value of Cabinet IQ is to Create a Positive Impact.


Each year, Cabinet IQ holds a contest to giveaway a kitchen remodel to someone in need. This is our opportunity to use our resources to make a difference in someone’s life by remodeling the heart of their home.


The Dream Kitchen Giveaway includes a full remodel of the kitchen including new cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplash, appliances, plumbing fixtures, upgraded lighting and paint. 


This year’s winner’s story and video submission are below.


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A story of resilience and hope - Giveaway winner submission

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In 2005, the search for a suitable home for myself was no easy feat.

I had toured over 75 homes until I finally found one that I was drawn into and swiftly bought it.


The home, built in 1998, was ideal for me at the time, the open floor plan between the kitchen and the living room was marvelous and fit for my ideas of having a beautiful home that I could host amazing parties in.


Life happens, however, and as time went on these ideas were slowly but surely turning into pipe dreams. It turns out that being a single person in a home you quickly realize that you have more important priorities at hand that have to be sorted out financially before anything else.


The last 18 years were very challenging, as my home had significant issues that had to be addressed immediately.
The house needed to be re-levelled twice, and as a result had a sewage leak during the repair process. 

Unfortunately, the misfortunes did not end there. Multiple roof leaks and replacements revealed mold in the bedroom and office, an interior bathroom flood caused house-wide damage, a second interior flood happened, due to a malfunctioning washing machine, and the house was in absolute chaos.


The constant financial setbacks, job searches, and community service commitments have made it difficult for me to address these issues.

Any glimpse of hope for improvements of any sort were flickered and burned out.


Now, I have a daughter that I love very much, and as a single mom, I dream of making a better space for my daughter and me—one where we can enjoy each other’s company without the constant worry of repairs.


This opportunity for a remodel would not only improve the functionality of our home but also provide a much-needed sense of peace and comfort.

I’m truly grateful for this chance and look forward to the positive changes it could bring to our lives.

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