Semi-Custom Cabinets in Austin, TX

A unique product blend birthed by the integration of select client specifications and professional craftsmanship. Explore the many choices of semi-custom cabinets that Cabinet IQ has to offer.

Full Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Choose high quality custom craftsmanship made in America.

Endless options for you to choose from.

Endless custom cabinets for you to choose from.
If you can dream it, we can install it. Custom kitchen cabinets allow endless flexibility of door styles, wood species and paint or stain options. Click here for more.


Choose high quality semi-custom craftsmanship made in America.

Hundreds of options for you to choose from.

Semi-custom cabinets are made to order for you in a variety of door styles, wood species and paint and stain options. With less design flexibility, they’re less expensive than full custom but a perfect fit for those wanting a high-quality cabinet while being cost conscious.
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Stock Cabinets

Choose from our selection of cabinets available to you within days.

Popular door styles and colors.

Stock cabinets are perfect for those on a tight budget but still want durable and fantastic looking cabinets. Our elect door styles and colors are available to you within days, not weeks. Although limited in finish options and door styles, the price point and lead times are attractive.
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Full Custom Cabinets

Semi-Custom Cabinets


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Why Choose Semi-Custom Cabinets?

The customisation options for the semi-custom cabinets make all the difference, serving as a conduit for the expression of the individuality of style and preference, these options give true meaning to this cabinet line.
Semi-custom cabinets are excellent options for any home, considering that it is suited for integration into any home design. While a competing choice in terms of flexibility and cost, this cabinet line is also hindered by certain limitations.

Customization options

The option for the addition of features, components, and parts to the semi-custom cabinets is what sets it beyond the stock design. The needs of each home and user are unique, and a little editing is always needed to get things just right. The options for customisation of the semi-custom introduce the possibility of additional functionalities to improve service in any area of the home. Better storage options, improved organisation abilities, and optimisations for comfort are a few of the functionalities with which a semi-custom cabinet can be endowed for value-added service.

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The semi-custom cabinets also afford the benefit of cost. The lower level of complexity in the construction of a semi-custom to a full custom reduces the cost of construction, without a loss in quality. While marginally more expensive than a stock cabinet, the semi-custom gives great value for money. The level of flexibility and distinction which can be put into this type of cabinet makes it the perfect choice for the cost-conscious buyer with an eye for the exceptional.

Specialised fit

The degree of freedom involved with the creation of a semi-custom cabinet makes it easier to fit this type of cabinet into an existing cabinet set, to either complement or blend in. This reduces the need for making excessive expensive redecorations to insert a piece of semi-custom cabinet anywhere in the house. With colour variance options, finishing, wood type, and alterations in size, a semi-custom cabinet can be modified to match any design or create something entirely novel.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Todd E.
Todd E.
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Great prices. Great people. Great experience. I will definitely use these guys again!
Candice V.
Candice V.
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Mike and his team were very professional, very helpful and patient during our remodel. All the work they have done for us has been excellent.
Ashleigh W.
Ashleigh W.
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Stellar customer service! Working with Michael was awesome. Beautiful showroom and they had exactly what we needed for our project. Would highly recommend!
Eddie V.
Eddie V.
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I am a homebuilder and would recommend Cabinet IQ. Very quick from start to finish and the installation quality is top notch.
Kristen G.
Kristen G.
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When you can find a company that has affordability which in turn does not compromise the value of the product or the integrity in which they work, why would you look somewhere else? The whole team at Cabinet IQ has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend!!
Lucy P.
Lucy P.
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Cabinet IQ is the best cabinet supplier in Austin. I have used them on serval remodels because they have both entry level and luxury lines of cabinets. Their design staff always comes up with creative solutions for both kitchens and bathrooms! Don't waste your time anywhere else.

Semi-Custom Cabinets FAQs

There are questions often asked by clients that can usually be answered generally. We are happy to answer your project-specific questions directly. Please read the Kitchen Remodeling Getting Started Guide and Submit the Consultation Form to Talk About Your Project.

Stock and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are made in specific and limited door styles, sizes, and finish options. They are delivered quickly and are the most economical kitchen cabinet.

The creativity and flexibility of semi-custom cabinets are what sets them apart from other kitchen cabinet options. Full custom cabinets come with a variety of unique features listed below:

  • Door styles – The door style of a cabinet gives it its defining look. As the most obvious aspect of the cabinet, an array of cabinets is given its characteristic appeal by this feature. Whether the intent is a traditional, contemporary, or transitional décor, the door style sets the underlying tone. An option of full overlay, partial overlay, or inset door type, sets the relation of the door size to the frame and consequently, the style of interaction between successive cabinets. The option creates either a smooth continuous look to the cabinet faces or a casual interrupted design. A further selection of either raised panel doors, recessed panel doors, slab doors, or mullion frame doors truly completes the design and sets the look.
  • Wood species – ​​Wood serves as the foundation of any cabinet, and the type of wood used in the construction dictates its properties throughout its service life. Not all wood species are created equal, and neither are the cabinets made with them. Typical wood selections include oak, alder, hickory, birch, walnut, pecan, cherry, pine, mahogany, beech, and maple. The type of wood specifies the colour undertone, hardness, strength, durability, grain appearance, weight, texture, markings, applications, and workability of the wood. While several features of the wood are editable to create desired forms or looks, the very base will still shine through. The species of the wood is indispensable in setting the tone of any room adorned with a cabinet made from it, from a choice of old and grand to light and trendy.
  • Paint – The paint is the most visual aspect of any cabinet and serves to either complement or contrast. Colour choice is one of the most important, and can also be the hardest choice to make. The colour accentuates the cabinets, specifies their distinction, and in instances, sets the atmosphere of the room. There are several hues to choose from, each further divided into shades and tints, an almost endless match of visual stimulation. Semi-custom cabinets are built with specified colours in varying shades to create differing aesthetics. From muted black to creamy colours, polished white shades, and dusky greys, to more exotic selections.
  • Size – The size of the cabinet affects the space it takes up in any room design, and how impressive it is. The possible variations in the size of semi-custom cabinets increase the potential of the application. A larger than average unit, a smaller one, or a unit with spatially varied components to either create a varied look or improve on functionality.
  • Finishing – The wood finish improves on several of the base characteristics of the construction wood. It determines the visual appeal and function of the wood. The customisation options in terms of the wood finish decide the overall appeal of the finished product. With either a glossy look, a muted surface, or a textured feel, there are several options for getting the desired appearance – varnish, shellac, polyurethane, lacquer, wax, tung oil, or French polish. The finishing affords more than the visual appearance of the wood, but also to the protection of the wood from insects, water, and scratches. The finishing serves as the final touch on the cabinet structure and bejewels any semi-custom cabinet design.

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