Stock Cabinets in Austin, TX

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but the perfect kitchen cabinet is one that can do anything for you. It should have a versatile design with durability at its core so it serves people of varying needs – from everyday cooks to professional chefs. We have a variety of cabinets in stock for you to choose from.

Full Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The variety of options is endless.

We have an extensive collection of cabinets to suit your needs.

Our custom kitchens are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail so that your dream kitchen perfectly fits into its surroundings. Click here for more.


Semi-Custom Cabinets

A wide range of options for you to choose from.

The semi-custom cabinet is the perfect choice for those who want a high-quality, yet cost-efficient kitchen remodel. You can choose from many different styles, wood species and stains..
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A wide variety of cabinets available for you within the next few days.

With a tight budget and limited finish options, our stock cabinets are perfect for you. We offer them in an attractive price point that allows us to deliver within days instead of weeks! With limited finish options or style choices but great price points that will fit your needs perfectly!
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Full Custom Cabinets

Semi-Custom Cabinets


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Take a look at some of the amazing custom kitchen cabinets that have been installed in Austin!

Why Choose Stock Cabinets?

Stock cabinets are designed for durability and functionality, with a variety of features that cater to your specific needs. Our team of professionals can help you select the perfect cabinets for your home or office, ensuring a lasting investment.


The design and construction of stock cabinets are intended to fit into any setting with as much harmony possible. These pieces take advantage of the latest trends in furniture, using durable materials for their builds while still remaining approachable. The wood species, finishing options and size of the cabinet are some key features that you should consider when looking for a kitchen storage.

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Cabinet making experts have created a line of cabinets that can serve any purpose and work in an environment no matter what the setting. Each component was carefully selected for its maximum functionality, so there’s little chance you’ll go wrong when installing it into your kitchen or bathroom cabinet!

Lessened burden of decision choices

The design process has never been easier with stock cabinets. This can be a challenge faced by semi-custom and full custom cabinet users – having to make choices about what the end product should look like. There are experts who will guide you through each step of this journey, sheer choice is overwhelming at times. Stock cabinets offer a straightforward solution to the problem of finding custom cabinetry. They’re available in countless styles, sizes and colors with no need for extensive decision-making about which one will best suit your needs – as long you like what’s on offer!

Cost friendly modern stock cabinets


The stock cabinets are the most cost-friendly of all three cabinet options. They’re available at an affordable price that makes them perfect for home remodeling, decoration or modification on a budget; without any customization features added in during production which reduces costs and speeds up delivery time significantly!

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Todd E.
Todd E.
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Great prices. Great people. Great experience. I will definitely use these guys again!
Candice V.
Candice V.
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Mike and his team were very professional, very helpful and patient during our remodel. All the work they have done for us has been excellent.
Ashleigh W.
Ashleigh W.
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Stellar customer service! Working with Michael was awesome. Beautiful showroom and they had exactly what we needed for our project. Would highly recommend!
Eddie V.
Eddie V.
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I am a homebuilder and would recommend Cabinet IQ. Very quick from start to finish and the installation quality is top notch.
Kristen G.
Kristen G.
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When you can find a company that has affordability which in turn does not compromise the value of the product or the integrity in which they work, why would you look somewhere else? The whole team at Cabinet IQ has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend!!
Lucy P.
Lucy P.
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Cabinet IQ is the best cabinet supplier in Austin. I have used them on serval remodels because they have both entry level and luxury lines of cabinets. Their design staff always comes up with creative solutions for both kitchens and bathrooms! Don't waste your time anywhere else.

Stock Cabinets FAQs

There are questions often asked by clients that can usually be answered generally. We are happy to answer your project-specific questions directly. Please read the Kitchen Remodeling Getting Started Guide and Submit the Consultation Form to Talk About Your Project.

The main difference between stock cabinets, semi-custom, and custom kitchen cabinets is that stock cabinets are mass-produced in factories, semi-custom cabinets are produced after order is placed, and custom cabinets are made according to the specifications of the customer. Stock cabinets are usually less expensive than the other two types, but they offer the least amount of customization options. Semi-custom and custom cabinets offer more flexibility when it comes to design and layout, but they come at a higher price point.

The cabinet industry has experienced significant growth in the last few years and it is no wonder why. Stock cabinets provide a versatile and durable solution with exacting high qualities to serve a varying range of clientele.

The primary choice of material for constructing the major body of stock cabinets is particleboard. Particleboard is an engineered construction material made by pressing several wood particles together with the application of a binder. This construction material affords stock cabinets their signature affordability compared with other cabinet lines. Actual wood may be used in the construction of a stock cabinet, but only for the most visible parts such as the doors. Stock cabinets may also be manufactured with medium density fibreboard (MDF), which is also an engineered wood composite but performs more favorably than particleboard. MDF is, however, slightly more expensive.

The cabinets are available to the end buyer within days, and there is no downtime because they already exist in completed form. This eliminates any overhead time spent specifications with manufacturers or construction workers on quality control since everything has been done before you buy it!

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