Start from scratch or franchise? That’s the question many entrepreneurs face when deciding the best way to begin a cabinet business. While starting from scratch means that you’ll have complete control over every aspect of your business, it also means that you’ll be going it alone as you try to find suppliers, create a brand, and build a customer base. With a franchise, you’ll still be your own boss, but you’ll also have instant brand recognition, a proven business model, and your franchisor’s support and guidance as you grow your business. In fact, there are numerous benefits to choosing a cabinet franchise over starting from scratch, but here are a few of the main ones.

1. Support and Guidance

When you choose to buy a home improvement franchise such as Cabinet IQ, you’ll immediately benefit from your franchisor’s industry expertise. From the moment you sign your franchise agreement, you’ll receive ongoing support from the home office. Each Cabinet IQ franchisee is given a prime territory with at least 100,000 households within a 30- to 45-minute drive. Additionally, we help you create a feasible business plan, pick out a store location, secure proper licenses and permits, and continue to guide you along every step of your franchise journey. You don’t even need industry experience to own and operate a successful cabinet business because Cabinet IQ will train you on everything you need to know. On the other hand, when you start a business from scratch, you’ll have to figure out everything on your own. Why waste time reinventing the wheel when you can jump right into a sports car?

2. A Comprehensive Business Model

Ask people who’ve started companies, and they’ll tell you that it can take years to build a successful business model. Knowing how much inventory to stock, deciding how much equipment to buy, assessing costs, etc. – there are so many pieces that must come together for a business to be profitable. A reputable franchise like Cabinet IQ has already done the hard work of figuring out how to offer our clients high-quality products and exceptional customer service while maintaining excellent profit margins. We provide our franchisees with a comprehensive business model. From our state-of-the-art showrooms to our proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) program to our specialized accounting and financial tools, we’ve developed a formula for success. When you join our team, you gain access to this proven system, and we’ll show you how to implement it at your new location.

3. Access to Vendors

What’s the most important ingredient in a cabinet business? Cabinets! And in order to get them, you must have reliable vendors. If you’re new to the industry, how do you know which suppliers to trust to provide you with quality products in a timely fashion? At Cabinet IQ, we’ve done the research for you and already have a group of top-notch vendors. Because we’ve built partnerships with these suppliers and buy a lot from them, we’re able to negotiate good rates for our franchisees. If, however, you’re in business by yourself, you may not buy enough from any vendor to qualify for a bulk discount.

4. Brand Recognition

Should you decide to start a business from scratch, it will take some time for people to learn about your business and remember your company name. In contrast, buying a cabinet franchise means buying a brand and the name recognition that comes along with it. Franchisors spend years carefully crafting their image and presenting their products and services to the public. At Cabinet IQ, our customer-focused approach to kitchen and bath remodeling has made us a household name in Central Texas.

5. Professional Marketing

Obviously, all businesses must attract customers in order to survive, but new businesses have to work harder to get customers. These days marketing involves much more than placing ads in the local newspaper. Businesses must have an online presence, including an easy-to-navigate website and social media pages. Cabinet IQ has a dedicated full-service marketing agency that customizes strategies for each franchisee. If you choose to go the solo route instead, you’ll have to figure out your own marketing strategy or hire someone to do so.

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Cabinet IQ is a high-tech cabinet franchise that is revolutionizing the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry. We’re offering like-minded entrepreneurs a ground floor opportunity to join our team and tap into the booming home improvement market. If you’re ready to start a great business, get started to learn all the ways owning a Cabinet IQ franchise can benefit you!

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