Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans have been quitting their jobs in what’s been referred to as the Great Resignation. Many people are simply looking for better employment, but a large number are leaving to start their own companies. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs looking to start a profitable business, you should definitely consider home improvement franchise opportunities.

1. The Home Improvement Industry is Booming

While the pandemic has been detrimental to some industries, it had the opposite effect on home improvement. The lockdown forced most people to stay at home, and it made many want to make their living spaces more functional, comfortable, and beautiful. That was especially true for kitchens, which were suddenly being used as home offices and classrooms. According to a study by Angi, the No. 1 reason for completing a home improvement project in 2021 was “to better suit lifestyle needs.” Overall, spending on home improvements increased by 28% last year, and that growth is expected to continue. In fact, experts predict that the U.S. home remodeling market will reach an incredible $450 billion annually by 2027. Now is a great time to tap into this lucrative industry.

2. Buying a Franchise is Easier than Starting a Business from Scratch

Opening any new business takes time, money, and hard work, but it’s normally easier and quicker to get a franchise up and running than starting your own company. That’s because you don’t have to begin from scratch. When you buy a home improvement franchise like Cabinet IQ, much of the hard work has already been figured out for you. The franchisor will help you pick a perfect location for your business in a market that offers great revenue potential. Plus, you’ll receive expert guidance on creating a feasible business plan, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, and setting up your office and showroom. Best of all, you’ll gain instant access to the franchisor’s suppliers and to the discounted prices the franchisor has negotiated with them.

3. You Get to be Your Own Boss

As a franchise owner, you’ll be your own boss. That means you call the shots and will be responsible for all the aspects of running a business: hiring, training, and managing your employees; handling finances and payroll; promoting the business through advertising, marketing, and networking; scheduling and overseeing remodeling jobs; dealing with customer service; and much more. However, as a Cabinet IQ franchisee, you’ll be operating within a proven system. Our formula takes the guesswork out of managing a successful cabinet and countertop company and will help you run your business with ease.

4. You Don’t Need Remodeling Experience

Don’t be worried if you lack remodeling experience. Even if you’ve never used a hammer, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about owning and operating a home improvement business. Cabinet IQ’s training program includes virtual learning, on-site experience at our home office in Texas, and in-market coaching at your new location. We want you to succeed, and we give you the support you need to do so.

5. You Get to Help People

If you’ve ever done home renovations, you know how stressful they can be. Cabinet IQ is famous for our customer-focused approach to business. Our company is genuinely committed to educating clients about all the aspects of kitchen and bathroom remodeling so they can make the best choices for their projects. As a franchisee, you can feel great knowing that you’re helping people create the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams.

Improve Your Future with Cabinet IQ

Cabinet IQ is a high-tech cabinet and countertop company based in Austin, Texas. We are revolutionizing kitchen and bathroom remodeling with our state-of-the-art showrooms and emphasis on customer education and satisfaction. Currently, we’re offering qualified entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our franchising program. If you’ve been considering getting into the home improvement industry, our proven business model may be just what you’re looking for. Contact us today and start your home improvement franchise journey.

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