If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, you’re not alone. Entrepreneurship is a common dream, but becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t always the reality that follows someone brave enough to take a leap of faith and start their own business. This could have been the reality for Cabinet IQ Founder Michael Hartel. Still, after years of growth, challenges, and multiple years of multi-million dollar gross revenue, our home services business has grown into a national franchise offering opportunities to other hopeful, like-minded self-starters!

With this and our years of experience in the home remodeling industry, we’ve determined which attributes are most important in becoming the next ideal Cabinet IQ Franchisee candidate.

Franchising vs. Starting Your Own Business

Plenty of potential entrepreneurs think that the first (and sometimes only) option to starting their own business is by creating an original idea and bootstrapping that business or finding investors to get started. From there, those who take this path are on their own to develop every process and system needed for sales, operations, marketing, and even R&D. However, when someone chooses to join a franchise to start their own business instead, they receive a ready-built business model, all the systems they need for launch and for the everyday processes necessary to scale.

The Support You Receive With Franchising

Cabinet IQ takes the initial training of joining a franchise seriously because we know how essential it is to confidently launch and grow. This includes 159 hours of classroom training, 70 hours of on-the-job training, ongoing assistance from our corporate team, and marketing support – including a call center! – to help our home improvement Franchisees regularly secure new customers. We put these systems in place to ensure our Franchise Owners can launch and maintain their success, unlike the other 90% of small business owners who start something independently only to fail within the first few years.

Why Cabinet IQ

Cabinet IQ is a ground-floor franchise investment opportunity that’s revolutionizing the tired, outdated home remodeling industry with its high-tech approach to cabinets and countertop design and installation. Our home improvement business has developed an exceptional reputation with our customers by focusing on delivering quality that’s always on time, and Cabinet IQ Franchisees are reaping the benefits of this relationship.

In our 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), we achieved $2,389,735 in Average Gross Revenue and an outstanding $1,126,801 in Average Gross Profit! This financial success is all thanks to the streamlined systems developed by our Founder and the variety of business features that have grown over time because of them.

Strong Communication

Regular communication with our customers enables our Franchise Owners to generate the same 5-star reviews we see with our corporate-owned locations. While some contractors and construction companies never answer their phones or check in with the customer, our Franchisees are expected to consistently send emails prior to the project’s start as they also maintain an ongoing, open channel of communication.

Unlike other franchises that only provide a bare-bones framework, Cabinet IQ gives our Franchise Owners guidelines on what to tell customers and when. This way, customers are provided with pre-installation checklists so they know what is expected of them and vice versa. This builds the foundation for each new client to have a seamless experience and recommend Cabinet IQ to their entire network.

Laser-Focused Product Line

At Cabinet IQ, we focus only on cabinets and countertops, with the vast majority of our work being in kitchens – although we’ll offer occasional bathroom work to our return customers. This minimal product line allows us to simplify our business model for Franchise Owners and focus on what we do best in the home remodeling industry: cabinets!

Unlike most home renovation companies, we don’t offer full kitchen remodels or provide services to reface/repair existing cabinets; we only specialize in the design and installation of new kitchen cabinets and countertops. Because we take responsibility for the design and installation, Cabinet IQ sales specialists are able to change the layout and design of a space while also offering a lifetime guarantee on the materials involved. Because we only focus on cabinets and countertops, our average job completion is only around two days, meaning we come in on budget and on time!

Our Streamlined, Easy-to-Follow Systems

Cabinet IQ’s main goal is to take a process that’s typically daunting and replace it with a more simple, fun process so both our Franchise Owners and customers can enjoy the entire remodeling process. That’s why our founder created a streamlined system that helps us come within each customer’s budget and scheduling needs. This ensures that all expectations are aligned from the very beginning.

As a new home services Franchisee, you’ll first guide yourself through our online learning courses before attending two weeks of in-person training at our Austin, Texas location, and have our team help you for one week at your new brick-and-mortar. This training is designed to be easy to follow and prepare you with all the tools you need to not only launch but grow your home improvement business empire in the future.

The Ideal Cabinet IQ Franchisee

The Cabinet IQ system was designed to welcome professionals of all backgrounds who aim to thrive in Franchise Ownership. Thanks to the support provided by our corporate team, the systems we’ve put in place to ensure easy skill translation, and our ongoing support, almost anyone can become a Franchisee with us!

While no prior remodeling or contracting experience is necessary, we’ve seen those with real estate, management, and contracting experience adapt to the industry and business model the quickest. In addition to these industries, here are a few more attributes we always look for to determine if someone will be successful within the Cabinet IQ franchise.

Sales Experience

When you become a home services Franchise Owner with us, one of the first orders of business will be for you to attend our extensive training, which includes 159 hours of in-classroom training and 70 hours of on-the-job training. During this time, you’ll learn everything you need to know about running your Cabinet IQ; however, there’s one thing that can’t be taught that you’ll need just as much as our training to hit the ground running: a sales background. With this, you’ll have the experience and sales abilities you need to consistently secure projects and build rapport with each customer.

While sales experience is essential to finding success as a Cabinet IQ Franchise Owner, design skills and a background in the home services industry isn’t required. No matter what industry you’re coming from or whether you plan to become an Owner-Operator or Semi-Absentee Owner, we welcome and encourage you to join our home improvement franchise!

Passionate About Quality Service

At Cabinet IQ, we don’t go along with the status quo of the often underwhelming and disappointing contractor industry. Typically, homeowners dread working with a contractor because most mom-and-pop operations don’t have the organization or discipline to maintain professional communication, ensure quality, or deliver on schedule. This has been the norm within the home services industry for so many decades that it’s left millions of homeowners wary of home renovation projects and contractors in general.

Instead, we commit to providing only the highest quality white glove treatment possible with each and every customer interaction. This is a core value we instill at every level of the discovery process prior to signing a new franchisee, and we continue the discussion well into onboarding and training. We commit to providing the white glove treatment with each customer interaction, so our Franchisees will need to uphold that same commitment to 5-star service and excellence with each Cabinet IQ franchise location.


Since the beginning, our founder has used a series of processes and systems he built himself to help make everything from sales and design to contractor management easy for anyone to follow, no matter their background. With this in mind, we’ve found that professionals who appreciate and commit to following the foundation of processes will be the most successful, especially as they ramp up their operations and even make plans to grow into new territories. On the other hand, franchisee candidates who desire to build something from the ground up and create their own systems typically aren’t the ideal fit for Cabinet IQ.

Team Leadership Skills

If there’s one final attribute that every new Franchisee must have to be successful with their new business, it’s a natural predisposition to being a team-first leader. In order to sustainably grow and scale your Cabinet IQ home improvement business, you need to build and maintain a team, which comes with its own necessary mindset and problem-solving skills.

However, being a leader in this home services franchise doesn’t end with your own sales and operations team – it also extends to the sub-contractors you hire to execute jobs and the work involved with maintaining cohesive relationships with them. You will need to bring a strong leadership skill set to your franchise ownership if you want to be more prepared to hit the ground running!

Now that you know what it takes to join one of the highest-rated franchises in the home services industry, we want to hear from you! Whether you see yourself as our ideal candidate for the Cabinet IQ franchise or you know you and a partner would be a perfect fit for a Cabinet IQ business, our team is always excited to receive applications for new home remodeling Franchise Owners. To see if you qualify for franchise ownership or to learn more, take our quick match quiz to get started now.

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