Full Custom Cabinets

If you want to design your kitchen precisely as you want it to appear, then choose from our full custom cabinets. They are available in an almost infinite number of possibilities – wood varieties, finishes, sizes, dimensions, and a range of space-saving solutions.

Choose high quality custom craftsmanship made in America.

Endless options for you to choose from.

Endless custom cabinets for you to choose from.
If you can dream it, we can install it. Custom kitchen cabinets allow endless flexibility of door styles, wood species and paint or stain options. Click here for more.


Semi-Custom Cabinets

Choose high quality semi-custom craftsmanship made in America.

Hundreds of options for you to choose from.

Semi-custom cabinets are made to order for you in a variety of door styles, wood species and paint and stain options. With less design flexibility, they’re less expensive than full custom but a perfect fit for those wanting a high-quality cabinet while being cost conscious.
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Stock Cabinets

Choose from our selection of cabinets available to you within days.

Popular door styles and colors.

Stock cabinets are perfect for those on a tight budget but still want durable and fantastic looking cabinets. Our elect door styles and colors are available to you within days, not weeks. Although limited in finish options and door styles, the price point and lead times are attractive.
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Full Custom Cabinets

Semi-Custom Cabinets


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Why Choose Full Custom Cabinets?

 Making the decision on cabinets can be a difficult process, especially with the range of cabinet options available. Full custom cabinets come with endless personalization options and longer lifespan features, which make them truly worth it. Explore more of their benefits below.

Endless style & finish options

When it comes to full custom kitchen cabinets, you’ll have a lot of options in terms of cabinet style and finish. Having a variety of these options is crucial since the look of your cabinets is crucial to the overall appeal of your kitchen.

Your bespoke cabinets may be painted in any color you like, and you have a variety of door types to choose from. Furthermore, your cabinet maker can combine different features. For example, framing beads, stiles/rails, panels, and edges can be combined to create a distinctive look for your cabinets.

Eco friendly green kitchen cabinets

Eco-friendly nature

You can’t be confident that the materials used in stock cabinets were procured in an ecologically responsible manner when you buy them. Custom cabinets allow you to select the sort of material you wish to use. As a result, if you care about the environment, you will undoubtedly choose recycled or environmentally friendly materials, such as wood.

Furthermore, you will have the option of selecting from a variety of local or domestic hardwoods, reducing the environmental impact of your cabinets.

More kitchen storage options and space

In a kitchen design, every inch matters. This is why the full custom cabinets may be constructed to any size you choose, allowing you have additional room in your kitchen.

That extra space may be used to add more storage, which will have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. You will not only be able to add additional storage space with more room, but you will also be able to use this extra space more efficiently.

The full custom cabinet makers mostly incorporate specific hinges, slides, pullouts, and hardware into your design, allowing for this level of efficiency. Semi-custom and stock cabinet makers do not provide these features.

High quality wood kitchen cabinets

Produced in a high-quality manner

Another reason full custom kitchen cabinets are unique is that they are made and installed with extra care and attention. This means that they can endure longer. Unlike pre-assembled cabinets, which are mass-produced on assembly lines, full custom cabinets are manufactured specifically for you with extra accuracy and prudence.

Full custom cabinets, for example, are put together with sophisticated joints, whereas stock cabinets are put together with nails and glues. Although this sort of quality comes at a higher price, it pays for itself in the long run by increasing the value of your property and making your cabinets endure longer.

The use of the highest echelon of quality materials distinguishes this cabinet type from its stock and semi-custom equivalents. This not only makes them look great but also enables them to withstand the rigors of a busy and energetic kitchen environment. Another benefit is the use of plywood construction in the cabinet production process, if requested, to provide better gripping force. It also can withstand wetness, bare weight, knocks, scratches, and dents.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Todd E.
Todd E.
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Great prices. Great people. Great experience. I will definitely use these guys again!
Candice V.
Candice V.
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Mike and his team were very professional, very helpful and patient during our remodel. All the work they have done for us has been excellent.
Ashleigh W.
Ashleigh W.
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Stellar customer service! Working with Michael was awesome. Beautiful showroom and they had exactly what we needed for our project. Would highly recommend!
Eddie V.
Eddie V.
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I am a homebuilder and would recommend Cabinet IQ. Very quick from start to finish and the installation quality is top notch.
Kristen G.
Kristen G.
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When you can find a company that has affordability which in turn does not compromise the value of the product or the integrity in which they work, why would you look somewhere else? The whole team at Cabinet IQ has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend!!
Lucy P.
Lucy P.
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Cabinet IQ is the best cabinet supplier in Austin. I have used them on serval remodels because they have both entry level and luxury lines of cabinets. Their design staff always comes up with creative solutions for both kitchens and bathrooms! Don't waste your time anywhere else.

Full Custom Cabinets FAQs

There are questions often asked by clients that can usually be answered generally. We are happy to answer your project-specific questions directly. Please read the Kitchen Remodeling Getting Started Guide and Submit the Consultation Form to Talk About Your Project.

Stock and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are made in specific and limited door styles, sizes, and finish options. They are delivered quickly and are the most economical kitchen 


Full custom cabinets are created using solid wood rather than cheap wood substitutes like MDF, particleboard, or melamine. This not only gives it a stunning appearance but also makes it durable and eligible for refinishing in the future. In addition, full custom cabinets are usually constructed by true artists who take great pride in what they do. They work closely with designers to deliver an end product that fits the designated space perfectly, making each cabinet solution unique for each homeowner.

Full custom cabinets come with a variety of unique characteristics. Some of these features may be available in semi-custom or stock cabinets, however, size and positioning selections are unique and unlimited.

  • Pantry cabinets – A pantry cabinet with pullout drawers is one of the most common cabinet elements in a full custom cabinet. Solid wood custom doors on pantry cabinets are more appealing, and they are even better since they will come in any color combinations you specified. Also more crucially, they provide extra storage capacity by eliminating the structural and drywall space that pantry closets require. Pullout drawers normally have a depth of 21′′, whereas pantry closet shelves only have a depth of 12-16′′. When opposed to changing things around on permanent shelves, rolling out the drawers and peering down at them makes it easier to discover your stored belongings. The pattern of the design of the door of a full custom cabinet pantry cabinet is also to your specifications.


  • Customized Soft-close Drawers and Shelves – Every full custom cabinet features custom-made drawers and shelves. They also come in different colors and finishes. The drawers and shelves help in creating a much better storage capacity for your home. The hinges of the shelves and the drawers are always made to be soft to maneuver and easy to use.


  • Face Frames – A sturdy wooden frame is added to the front of the cabinet box in a framed cabinet. The frame holds the door hinges and drawer slides. Doors are fastened directly to the cabinet box walls in a frameless cabinet. The two building methods have vastly different appearances, and their strength and stability can vary greatly depending on the construction methods. Frameless cabinets often have greater installation prices.

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