Kitchen Remodeling Success Stories


Each customer we serve is important to us. We here at Cabinet IQ wanted to showcase different trials and tribulations of the kitchen renovation process. We serve many people throughout the Austin, Texas area each year. Throughout those years, a few of those customers really stuck out to us.

We have decided to showcase their stories, and really walk you through the process of decision-making, timelines, and design. After being in the business for many years, we have seen many different kinds of problems and difficulties people are having. We always want to be of assistance to those that need our expertise. Our team felt like reading real time, real life accounts of those who came before you could be helpful during your decision making process.We documented the stories to take you from the story, to the solution, all the way to the end results. So you can truly see how our process works from beginning to end. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed each project from start to finish.

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Flip or Flop

Flip or Flop For the last decade, flipping houses has been a sensation. People love taking something old and outdated, and turning it into something fresh for a new homebuyer.

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Waterfall Island Heaven

Waterfall Island Heaven Complete renovation jobs can be a huge life event for many people. Sometimes it can require the owners even moving out of their homes. The hassle is

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Central Austin Gem

Central Austin Gem The Austin real estate market is booming as many of you know. There are homes being purchased within an hour of being listed. And of course, some

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Lake House Living

Lake House Living Have you ever had a kitchen that just wasn’t functional? Whether it be narrow cabinets, not enough counter space, or not enough drawers? Many homeowners face this

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Modern Mayhem

Modern Mayhem Rollingwood is a gorgeous part of Austin that features rolling hills, and stunning views. Rollingwood is between downtown Austin, headed into the Texas hill country. It is one

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Blue Kitchen Beauty

Blue Kitchen Beauty Story: One of the owners of this spotlight was scrolling through Google one day, looking for a reliable kitchen and countertop company. We were then contacted by

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