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One of the owners of this spotlight was scrolling through Google one day, looking for a reliable kitchen and countertop company. We were then contacted by the couple. They wanted to completely update their dated and antiquated kitchen in north Austin. This specific kitchen is also more compact, and has lower ceilings than others we have worked on.


Since the house was built around the 1970’s, lower ceilings were popular back during that time period. That makes the design a little more difficult for our designers. But that’s okay, because here at Cabinet IQ, we love a good challenge. We paired them with our designer Nick, and they got started on the design process. While the owners told us this may not be their forever home, it would be for the next few years. And they wanted quality work done for the next owners of the house. The finishes in the home were not only dated, but very traditional in style.


The Solution:


We wanted to give them a space that was unique, bold, and charming. This is a space they had been wanting to re-do for quite some time and finally made the move. Their home featured a traditional, but charming aesthetic. So we had to pull that throughout the kitchen, and give it a transitional twist. For cabinetry, they wanted to go with our Kraftmaid Vantage line. Which is a premium, semi-custom cabinet. Included is a putman shaker door style. They decided to go with the color Rainfall from Kraftmaid. This is actually a very unique color, that really made this project stand out from our most recent ones. We love a client that is willing to throw pops of color into their design. Rainfall is a mix of blue and green, which makes a perfect accent to any space. 


As for the countertops, they chose to go with Arizona Tile, in color Portofino Classico in Honed. It features white quartz, with a subdued gray pattern dispersed throughout. The pattern is consistently spread throughout the slab, giving the material an organic appeal and imitating the look of marble. Its honed finish gives the quartz a muted look. Which paired very well with the vibrant Rainfall cabinetry. Our designer Nick, worked feverishly to create renderings that would best showcase how the space would look before commencing the actual physical production. Below we have shown the renderings and elevation for the project. The elevations give you a glimpse of the layout, and exactly how the measurements of the space would all come together. The renderings give more of a design aspect, and visually how the design would soon come to life.


The Results:

We here at Cabinet IQ had such a great time working on this project. It brings us so much joy to help customers fulfill their renovation dreams. When you have a space you love, and that you feel comfortable in, it can change the whole mood of your surroundings. Even if you aren’t currently residing in your forever home. It doesn’t mean you should have an undesirable space, or keep waiting until you potentially sell.

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