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Round Rock, TX is a burgeoning community in the Austin Metroplex, with a mix of homes, new and old, just begging for new and functional updated kitchens. Cabinet IQ has partnered with many clients to make these updates a reality. This kitchen remodel is one of our favorites!

The Story

Our clients came to our North Showroom in Cedar Park, TX wanting to completely renovate the outdated cabinets and countertops in their newly purchased home. The flow of the kitchen was not aligning with their new family needs, and the style did not match their modern vision. The dated kitchen left a lot of unused space, and had pain points that disturbed the flow and symmetry of the space. We developed a design to take advantage of the room height, spacious area, and natural light from the bay window nook area.

The Design Process

Old kitchen look with refrigerator

Our designer Dave met with the clients in the showroom and discovered the needs and wants to make the kitchen remodel a success. After understanding the client’s vision and requirements, they begun the collaboration on their kitchen design. During this phase we concluded we could achieve the kitchen design with in-stock cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Distributors (KCD), a national recognized in-stock cabinet provider. We could have chosen a custom kitchen cabinetry line, however KCD’s offerings were the perfect fit for the design and allowed for an opportunity to save some of the budget for full quartz backsplash vs. tile. Our designers help you navigate the different lines we carry and are thoughtful to not steer you to more than you need to succeed. The first order of business was to change the orientation of the island, and move its position to frame the new galley arrangement. This would allow for better egress around the island and prevent tight spaces for a busy new kitchen.

old kitchen look with brown cabinets
Secondly, now was the time to take advantage of the room height and install new stacked wall cabinets with clear glass panels on the top row. This made the kitchen renovation feel more grand, bright, and inviting. The glass provided opportunity to tie in the lighting scheme and lend more warmth to the design. Coupled with the toe kick and under cabinet lights in the base cabinets, the kitchen invites you in. Dave also took full advantage of the kitchen layout by using upper cabinets and no open shelving.
old kitchen with family and dog
We also wanted to find a new home for the built-in microwave as a stainless hood was now going to frame the cooktop / oven combo. We modified the cabinet in the island to trim in a microwave, at the same time keeping it out of view from the living area. Building on this approach, we also took the trash bin out of the kitchen space and provided a dedicated double trash bin cabinet. Aesthetics were very important in this design.
Design Renderings:
Design rendering of new kitchen design
New kitchen design rendering
New kitchen design sketch
New kitchen design sketch from the top

Here is the 2020 Design renderings mid-project. Rendering phase is integral to verify balance, symmetry and overall appreciation of the proposed design. Cabinet IQ uses the most up to date version of 2020 Design to ensure all renderings are accurate, on trend, and beautiful to share and critique.

The Results

The new kitchen made this average country style kitchen a modern masterpiece with clean lines, soft tones, with light accents all around. Coupled with the beautiful Arizona Tile Della Terra Quartz countertops AND vertical full wall backsplash, this kitchen is one that will not only function for a new busy family, but will also wow guests with a beautiful attraction in the heart of the home.

Beautiful new white kitchen
Beautiful new white kitchen view of the stove
Beautiful new white kitchen view of the sink
Beautiful new white kitchen low view of the stove

This client made a long term investment and the value of his home has increased exponentially. Whatever your specific need might be, we want to help! Come visit one of our locations to start planning your dream kitchen today.

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