Top 6 Kitchen Cabinet Styles for a Stunning Kitchen Makeover

Remodeling your kitchen can be a long and tiring process, but the outcome is always worth it. What better way to give your kitchen a whole new look than getting brand new cabinets.There are different styles of kitchen cabinets for you to choose from, and you may find it overwhelming choosing the best one for you. We are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be so intimidating! We have listed top six kitchen cabinet styles to help you decide on the one that fits your budget, aesthetic, and functionality requirements. Let’s dive in!

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are the leader when it comes to kitchen cabinet styles. There’s a reason this style is so popular, and that’s because it is a simple, traditional cabinet style that is both versatile and distinctive. Due to itspopularity, the shaker style cabinets are easy to get and also affordable!

Shaker style is comprised of full custom kitchen cabinets, therefore it is easily customizable to fit any style – they can be equipped with glass fronts or any material you can imagine. 

The only real con about shaker style cabinets is there is an inset area that can collect dirt. As long as you clean it regularly, you should be good to go!

modern kitchen cabinets

Modern Style Cabinets

Modern style cabinets are perfect for the minimalists out there! These cabinet styles are typically flat with no trim and no molding. The resulting look is no frills, creating a clean and streamlined appearance.

It is easy to manipulate this style as it is made of semi-custom kitchen cabinets.  You can paint them and play with different looks. This makes them easy to include in any environment, as you can continuously and easily change their appearance. Most of these styles are made with wood like maple, and you can paint them with a high gloss to give them a sleek, modern look. 

The only potential con is that this style of kitchen cabinet may not appeal to everyone which may prove problematic when or if you sell your home.

farmhouse kitchen

Country or Farmhouse Cabinets

Country style cabinets offer you all the cozy and comfortable vibes! Instead of a gloss finish, country style favors a more rustic, sometimes distressed look. Expect your cabinets to be matte, so that they mimic an old-fashioned look. They’re often accompanied by iron or brass hardware to keep on theme. 


In general, this is a more relaxed look than the rest of the cabinet styles that you will see and can be mixed and matched with various style elements throughout your kitchen. 

Along with the modern style cabinets, you may consider the resale potential with these cabinets. Otherwise, if you are looking for that warm, southern comfort – these cabinets are the perfect fit!

beadboard kitchen1

Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard cabinets are also sometimes referred to as “tongue and groove.” When you see this cabinet style, you’ll realize why. It’s created by fitting vertical slats into one another, for a textured and timeless look. This type of cabinet is often seen in a cottage-style kitchen and adds a warm element throughout the space. 


These tongue and groove cabinets are easily customizable, budget-friendly, and offer a traditional look to any kitchen. 


The only downside with these cabinets is just like with the shaker cabinets, dust can and will settle in the grooves if you don’t stay on top of dusting. 

glass font kitchen cabinets

Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. This kitchen cabinet style offers a chic and elegant look to any kitchen. These cabinets certainly give depth to the area, and this opens up your space and makes it appear bigger!


This beautiful cabinet style can be used to show off items in your cabinets that you might want to use as decor, other styles of cabinets would have otherwise hidden that. You can also install lights into the cabinets to bring another layer of warmth and interest to the room. The options for creativity are endless with the help of these cabinets!


Along with that, though, you want to keep in mind that the inside of your cabinet is always visible. It would be important to keep it looking tidy, so it doesn’t give off a messy appearance.

traditional kitchen cabinets

Traditional Cabinets

Last up we have traditional cabinets! These showstoppers are all about the details. They often are ornately carved, created with polished wood, and have raised panels to give them depth and personality. 


This cabinet style is the vintage style of all kitchen cabinets. They offer their elegance and uniqueness to any kitchen.

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