Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions

Top 10 Kitchen Storage Solutions, Cabinet IQ

The utility of a kitchen is equally as important as gorgeous aesthetics. Our designers have tons of creative bells and whistles to meet your storage requirements. Below is a top 10 list of creative storage solutions:

Roll-out Trays

 A wide variety of full-extension roll out trays are available for base cabinets and wall pantries. You’ll never have to dig around the back of your cabinets again.

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Corner Drawers

Turn disorganized corner cabinets into organized storage

Utensil Organizers

You can forget about messy utensil drawers by using these specialty drawers with dividers. Perfect for near your cooktop.

Flip Out Sink Base Trays

Makes use of wasted storage area under the sink. Great for scrubbers and sponges that you want to keep within reach but out of sight.

Hidden Drawers

A clever way to keep your kitchen items out of sight until you’re ready to use them. These are available in most base cabinet widths.

Hidden Toe Kick Drawer 

Holiday place-mats you only bring out once a year? Cookie sheets? This clever storage solution is ideal for small-space kitchens if it’s flat, it fits.

Spice Racks

A slim cabinet that’s big on storage. It’s perfect next to the cooktop to keep frequently used ingredients within reach.

Pull-out Wastebasket

It’s always nice to have a wastebasket cabinet close to your sink. Two baskets fit in perfectly for your trash and recyclables.

Blind Corner Pull-outs.

Invite big bowls and giant items into this creative cabinet. A sleek look so you can stop bending and reaching to get large items out of the back.

Base Wine Rack Cabinet

Beautiful and functional, this cabinet is great for wine bottles or other decorative storage.

Dish Organizer

Pegged drawer bases are adjustable to keep dishes neatly organized.

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