Why Hire an Experienced Kitchen Designer?

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Kitchens are known as the heart of the home. It’s where your family gathers, you cook with your spouse, and even where your kids’ homework is done. Many memories are created in this space, so of course you want it to feel inviting and comfortable and a kitchen designer can help you design the perfect kitchen.


Similar to any issue in your life, it’s important to hire a professional that knows all the tricks of the trade. Many people are lost when it comes to any sort of kitchen renovations. It can become a tedious process to say the least. That is why it is an important process to explore your options, especially when it comes to design. Some people love design, others absolutely hate it. Some are in the middle of the two, or just too busy to deal with the details. A kitchen renovation project in total can take anywhere from two weeks to several months to complete. That range all depends on budget, decision-making timeliness, or even the company you hire.


We will take the time and do the research for you, as to why you might want to make the decision to hire a professional kitchen designer when it comes to designing your kitchen.

1.Smooth Transition for Any Project

There are many steps that are involved when embarking on the journey of any sort of renovation. To make this process more seamless, a kitchen designer can be an integral liaison. Mainly due to the fact that they can be your main line of communication between the builders and you. Your needs and priorities can be exactly communicated and executed. They might even have questions ready for you that you might not have thought of. 

Timeliness is also a major component when going through this experience. No one wants their kitchen torn up for months on end due to endless changes and miscommunication. 

Effectiveness is also a major cause for concern in this line of work. You allocate time to this process and you want each interaction to be productive. When you hire a kitchen remodeling company like Cabinet IQ, that offers countertops and cabinets under the same roof, the journey becomes more cohesive. Even though hiring a designer is an investment, they can save you valuable time which is priceless. 


2.Share Leading Industry Advice and Trends

Kitchen designer’s life’s work consists of finding out the newest trends for kitchen design. You can either scroll through hours on Pinterest or Instagram trying to find something that speaks to you, while also keeping layout, dimensions, and details in mind. Or you can have an undeveloped idea, and a designer can expand your idea. While also striving to make it perfect for your home needs.


Each year there are new colors, finishes, and layouts that are more in style than others. These forecasted trends are researched and put out for industry professionals to expand their knowledge on the subject. There are thousands of finishes that are offered. Even shelving and drawer storage solutions that are offered on a large scale. While also working with you for your specific kitchen layout. Layout takes a lot of work due to having to measure and configure the space. 


Most experienced kitchen designers also have the edge of having learned from industry experience. Most of them have many kinds of home styles in their portfolio, which gives you as the customer access to a variety of ideas. Whether you like farmhouse, modern, traditional, coastal, or mediterranean: they will have the solutions for you. Instead of you trying to do the research yourself in your free time, these designers can guide you in finding your dream kitchen.

3.Budget Allocator

It is very important to have a set budget when going into a renovation at any time. A kitchen designer can help you decide what areas you want to spend your money on. Whether you want to spend the majority of your money on a higher grade cabinet, or a premium marble countertop; they can help you figure out what is most important to you. 

When going through the kitchen remodeling process, many features can be added on, which can increase your bill astronomically. Not to mention, there are a lot of elements, such as built-ins, that can also increase your overall cost. 

Experts say when going into a project, you should have a list of what details and add ons might be important to you or not in order of importance. The last thing anyone wants is to get to the end of their project and either run out of money, or not have used their budget wisley. A kitchen designer can be your source for mitigating problems and giving you a judgment-free zone of decision making.

4.A Less-Stressful Process

Many customers delay any sort of home renovation due to the daunting and sometimes inevitable stress that can come with it. There are many steps to a beautiful, remodeled kitchen. Many projects are delayed at the design stage, which can be remedied. 


The designer that is assigned to your project, will have your best interest at heart. We’re on your side from the day you walk into the retail store, or make that initial phone call. If you were to hire a kitchen designer, many potential stressors could be taken away. Especially at notable businesses like Cabinet IQ, where the kitchen designers are always top notch, and ready to help. Now you can keep living your best life, stress free!

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