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Kitchen Countertops

Cabinet IQ adds a finishing touch to Fort Myers homes, blending timeless traditional designs with modern edges. Our selection of expertly chosen countertops guarantees every kitchen will have its ideal match.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Everyone wants the perfect kitchen, and homeowners in Fort Myers can finally achieve it! By adding quartz countertops to their home, they’ll get a fashionable upgrade that offers unbeatable durability. 

These surfaces provide superior protection from heat and scratches – and bacteria won’t stand a chance due to their non-porous qualities.

Granite Countertops

Homeowners in Fort Myers are choosing granite countertops to add a touch of classic beauty and durability to their homes. 

With its shining crystals, unique veining, and warm texture that can’t be matched with any other material, granite provides an everlasting aesthetic that will withstand the everyday hustle and bustle of kitchen life.

Wood Countertops

From traditional wood to modern laminates, stock cabinets in Fort Myers have the style and convenience you need for a successful kitchen remodel. 

Cutting-edge materials are available in numerous finishes so your space can look custom without breaking the bank – on top of that, pre-assembled options will save time and energy on installation projects.

Granite Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are perfect for any home looking to add a timeless and elegant style. They offer the advantages of durability and longevity. Their natural beauty makes them stand apart in your kitchen with ease while still being practical.
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Wood Countertops

Wood Kitchen Countertops provide a functional, warm work area in the kitchen. Wood Kitchen Countertops are constructed in flat grain (plank style) or edge grain (strips). The flat grain construction highlights the grain of the wood. The planks can vary in width from 4″ wide to 14″ wide and are hand-selected to be the most uniform in appearance. Edge grain highlights the color of the wood countertop and is often used as a chopping surface as well.
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Stone Countertops​

Transform your Fort Myers home with a timeless touch with natural stone countertops. Not only will it make for an eye-catching kitchen, but these luxurious surfaces have the added benefit of increasing the value of your property in both aesthetic and financial terms.

Investing in quality stone improvements is guaranteed to give any residence a worthwhile return on investment.

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Why Choose Stone Countertops?


Stone countertops are a wise choice for kitchens, offering superior strength and durability to other materials like laminate or wood. Unfazed by scratches and heat damage, these surfaces will stand the test of time in even the busiest households.

Higher Resale Value

Homeowners in Fort Myers know that upgrading their kitchens with stone countertops is an investment worth making. Unlike other kitchen materials, natural stones provide lasting visual appeal and a significant return on resale value.

Make your hard-earned money work for you by choosing the timeless beauty of stone to add style and increase ROI!

Kitchen Countertops FAQs

There are questions often asked by clients that can usually be answered generally. We are happy to answer your project-specific questions directly. Please read the Kitchen Remodeling Getting Started Guide and Submit the Consultation Form to Talk About Your Project.

When it comes to countertops for kitchens, one size does not fit all – there is a multitude of options available. From budget-friendly laminate and stone surfaces to luxurious granite designs, choosing the right top for your kitchen depends on individual style preferences as well as practical considerations such as maintenance needs or cost.

As kitchen designs become increasingly cutting-edge, 2023 has seen a rise in the trend of utilizing sleek and strong materials for countertops. 

Quartz is leading the charge with its impressive stain resistance, heat resistance, scratchproof surfaces, and lack of sealing or waxing needed thanks to nonporous properties – all while still offering stunning colors and finishes to make your kitchen unique. 

Other popular choices this year are granite’s harsh durability combined with marble’s elegant patterns as well as solid surface options that come in even more color/design variations than either one alone. 

One thing remains consistent though – whatever material you go for needs to be tailored towards your budget AND home aesthetic goals.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom, choosing between quartz and granite countertops can be a tough decision. 

Quartz is often more affordable but lacks variety in color and pattern options while granite typically has the edge when it comes to design potential — all at an attractive price point! 

Ultimately, make sure you take into account both cost considerations as well as aesthetic preferences before making any final decisions.

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