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Forget about spending hours trying to figure out which paint color will work for your kitchen. Cabinet Makeovers are a quick and simple way to update its look without taking up all of that time, money, or effort!

Our designers in Dallas will transform outdated cupboards into stylish modern spaces that boast enough storage space while maintaining their original charm.

Dallas trusts us with their kitchen remodeling because we earn it.

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Your dream kitchen is only a phone call away. With our services in Dallas, we can help you find the perfect design for your home and budget – no matter what it takes! We offer an endless combination of cabinets with prices that are sure to fit any taste or pocketbook; all while making installation quick & easy.

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We give it all for a successful process

We are more than just an award-winning kitchen design company; we work with you from consultation through installation. Our team in Dallas strives for success and satisfaction by listening carefully to your ideas before creating a dream kitchen that reflects what is important to you.

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Ready to upgrade your home with a style your family will love?

Hi, I’m Michael Hartel, Founder of Cabinet IQ.

We help people build dream homes by transforming ugly spaces into functional masterpieces.

When I remodeled my first home it was a nightmare. The process was stressful and overwhelming. I felt confused and didn’t know where to start.

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David R.
David R.
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Amazing experience with Cabinet IQ and our sales rep, Dave. Kitchen reno with new cabinets and granite countertop. Felt the pricing was very fair, quality is great, and incredible service, more than we expected.
Eddie V.
Eddie V.
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I am a homebuilder and would recommend Cabinet IQ. Very quick from start to finish and the installation quality is top notch.
Todd E.
Todd E.
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Great prices. Great people. Great experience. I will definitely use these guys again!
Sean C.
Sean C.
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I've completed a number of remodels with Cabinet IQ and they are the best option out there for a quality, well designed and affordable kitchen, bath or flooring. Michael is an exceptional owner!
Maxim Z.
Maxim Z.
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I was referred to Cabinet IQ by my broker, and have never regretted to select them on my kitchen upgrade project. Nick was super responsive and helpful on adjusting the design, and making suggestions. Great price, quick and quality install, highly recommended!!

Kitchen Remodel Made Easy With Our Dedication!


The heart of the kitchen  comes in many styles and price points.


Durable and artistic work surfaces.


The functional “cherry on top’ to your kitchen masterpiece.

Let’s Get to Work
on Your Dream Kitchen







Our Kitchen Remodeling Process



The first step in the process is for us to learn about each other. This is best done at our showroom where we can sit down & ask each other questions.

Advice & Guidance from The Experts
The common questions we get asked about cabinets & countertops are “What’s the cost?”, “How long will I be without my kitchen?” & “What are the most popular styles & colors?” We can answer some of these in the Learn phase while others will be answered in the Design phase.



After our initial meeting, it’s time to plan your dream kitchen! We’ll come to your home to take accurate measurements, discuss your vision & offer solutions based on decades of kitchen design experience.

During this step, you’ll receive colored 3D renderings of your dream kitchen along with a detailed budget proposal.



We are fully licensed and insured & have over 20 years of experience in general contracting. Unlike other kitchen cabinet installers, we handle everything on your behalf.

Prior to ordering, our experienced operations team does a 57-point design Quality Assurance Check including an in-home visit to remeasure walls & verify plumbing, electrical & other items that need to be verified.

We’ll be in constant contact from start to finish and always update you with what to expect next. You’ll never have to look around and wonder “Where is my contractor?” During the installation, you’ll be at ease knowing our professionals are courteous, clean and perform at the highest level of craftsmanship. Our goal is to deliver a 5-star experience every time and we do whatever it takes to accomplish this.

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Cabinet IQ Can Help You Remodel Your Kitchen

Planning is a start!

Find inspiration for your next kitchen remodels with Cabinet IQ. We offer a wide selection of cabinets, countertops, and flooring in Dallas that will work in any style or budget – we’ll help you decide and plan your project, all it takes is one call!

How much will be the cost?

Kitchen remodeling can be tricky and mistakes cost you more money. You want to make sure that your kitchen remodel is going smoothly and without any hiccups. You can depend on our trusted professionals in Dallas for this because they’ve mastered the art of small-scale or large-scale projects – all while leaving you with an affordable price tag!

A reminder!

You can get a brand-new kitchen without spending too much money by focusing on the key aspects of remodeling. Cabinets and floors are worth investing in if you want to sell your home, but they’re also great for staying put! With Cabinet IQ by your side, your vision can become reality, let us help design one for YOU now – contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are questions often asked by clients that can usually be answered generally. We are happy to answer your project-specific questions directly. Please read the Kitchen Remodeling Getting Started Guide and Submit the Consultation Form to Talk About Your Project.

Stock and ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets are made in specific and limited door styles, sizes and finish options. They are delivered quickly, and are the most economical cabinet.


Semi-custom cabinets offer a strong value because they offer some custom features and also come in basic cabinetry sizes. They are made to order and you’ll choose the wood species, door style and paint or stain finish you desire. There are standard quality features, but you may upgrade to higher quality materials and greater levels of customization for some additional cost. The least expensive might be made from medium density fiberboard (MDF), and covered with veneer – higher quality than prefab materials, but not quite the best available. These are about twice as expensive as stock cabinets but are a huge step up in terms of the flexibility they provide in terms of the look and functionality you can achieve.


Custom cabinets are created to your exact design specifications so you can create anything you want and a skilled carpenter builds it. This means it will generally cost more – about 15-30% more than semi-custom cabinets typically. If you need custom storage, can afford it and plan to stay in the home for an extended period, it may be worth the investment for you. Also consider the cost of your home. 


The rule of thumb is to spend between 5-15% of your home’s total value on a kitchen remodel if you expect to recoup the investment during resale. The cabinets are typically the largest portion of the budget, taking anywhere from 15-35% of your budget, depending on what choices you make among these three options. Do the math before you decide.

According to data published in 2020 by Remodeling magazine, a homeowner can recover 77.6% of the cost of a basic kitchen remodel when the home is sold. While that might not sound like a lot, consider that only two other projects — installation of manufactured stone veneer and replacement of the garage door — rank higher for the share of money that can be recouped when a home is sold.


In hot housing markets, a kitchen remodel can be “a sure-fire investment,” often recovering more than 100% of the cost, according to


Need more proof of the value of a kitchen remodel? In a 2019 survey by the National Association of Realtors[5], real estate professionals ranked a complete kitchen renovation as the project with the most appeal to potential buyers, followed by a kitchen upgrade. Realtors put those projects in the same order when asked which projects provide the biggest increase in a home’s resale value.


As noted by Consumer Reports, the American kitchen “is still king” when it comes to boosting the value of your home. An important part of the king’s court is kitchen cabinetry. New kitchen cabinets are among the key factors in undertaking a kitchen remodel and in lifting a home’s resale value.


“Kitchen remodels increase the value of a home in a few different ways,” says Jamie Safier, a top-selling luxury real estate agent in New York City. “For one, it can increase the value when you resell your home, with the percentage depending on how much you spend on the actual remodel. If you rent the home out, this can be an even bigger increase for the value, especially for those that use their home for an Airbnb or seasonal rental.”


Furthermore, Safier says, a kitchen remodel contributes to the personal value you gain from living in your home, “which for some of us has no price tag.” says how much you get back on your investment in a kitchen remodel depends on:


  • The value of your home.
  • The value of homes in your neighborhood.
  • The local housing market.
  • The quality of the project.
  • The timetable for selling your home after the remodeling project is finished.

The utility of a kitchen is equally as important as gorgeous aesthetics. Our designers know what the top requests and requirements are for accessories and storage solutions in a kitchen remodeling project. Here are a few of the most popular, and the ones people regret not getting the most often:


Pull-out Wastebasket

It’s always nice to have a wastebasket cabinet close to your sink. Two baskets fit in perfectly for your trash and recyclables.


Spice Racks

A slim cabinet that’s big on storage. It’s perfect next to the cooktop to keep frequently used ingredients within reach.


Cabinet Lights

Brighten and beautify any space with cabinet lighting of various types. 


Blind Corner Pull-outs.

Invite big bowls and giant items into this creative cabinet. A sleek look so you can stop bending and reaching to get large items out of the back.


Roll-out Trays

A wide variety of full-extension roll out trays are available for base cabinets and wall pantries. You’ll never have to dig around the back of your cabinets again.


Corner Drawers 

Turn disorganized corner cabinets into organized storage


Utensil Organizers

You can forget about messy utensil drawers by using these specialty drawers with dividers. Perfect for near your cooktop.


Flip Out Sink Base Trays

Makes use of wasted storage area under the sink. Great for scrubbers and sponges that you want to keep within reach but out of sight. 


Hidden Drawers

A clever way to keep your kitchen items out of sight until you’re ready to use them. These are available in most base cabinet widths.


Hidden Toe Kick Drawer 

Holiday place-mats you only bring out once a year? Cookie sheets? This clever storage solution is ideal for small-space kitchens if it’s flat, it fits.


Base Wine Rack Cabinet

Beautiful and functional, this cabinet is great for wine bottles or other decorative storage.


Dish Organizer

Pegged drawer bases are adjustable to keep dishes neatly organized.

Just as every remodeling project is different, so is the expense of each project.


According to HomeAdvisor, an average kitchen remodel costs $25,093, or $150 per square foot. The website puts the typical price range at $13,095 and $37,115, and says most homeowners spend anywhere from $75 to $250 per square foot.


HomeAdvisor points out that the total cost depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the kitchen and quality of materials.


A smaller project, costing $10,000 to $15,000, might include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink and installing a tile backsplash, HomeAdvisor says. Meanwhile, a $30,000-plus renovation might feature custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite countertops and high-end appliances.


Remodeling magazine offers different estimates for the cost of a kitchen remodel. For 2020, its says the typical cost is:


$23,452 for a basic kitchen remodel.

$68,490 for a mid-level kitchen remodel.

$135,547 for a high-end kitchen remodel.


The National Kitchen and Bath Association puts a different spin on the cost of a kitchen remodel. The group recommends budgeting 15% to 20% of the value of your home for a kitchen remodel. Here’s how that might look:


For a home valued at $200,000, the budget for a kitchen remodel would be $30,000 to $40,000.

For a home valued at $400,000, the budget for a kitchen remodel would be $60,000 to $80,000. says you should ask these five questions:


  1. How much can I afford to spend?
  2. What do I want in a kitchen?
  3. How do I want to use the kitchen (cooking, entertaining, studying, working and so forth)?
  4. How long can I go without a kitchen during the remodeling project?
  5. Will I be selling the home in the near future? 


“Once your budget has been determined, cut it by at least 25%. Set the extra money aside as a cushion to make unexpected surprises much less stressful,” suggests. recommends setting aside less money (10%) to cover construction overages and other expenses that might pop up.


Regardless of the amount you allocate for surprise costs, says you should price out every component of your kitchen remodel, including materials and labor. Cabinetry and hardware typically represent 29% of the cost of a kitchen remodel.


“Cabinets are the workhorse of the kitchen,” Tennille Wood, CEO and principal designer at Beautiful Habitat in Denver, tells NerdWallet. “The entire floor plan and function of the kitchen is built on them.”


Consumer Reports emphasizes that cabinets play a big part in how your kitchen looks and functions.


“Bottom line: Get the cabinets right and your chance of loving your new kitchen will go way up,” the magazine says.

How does one decide whether to choose a shaker door style? What does it even mean? Yes, your door style is one of the most important choices you will make, as cabinets are your biggest kitchen renovation expense. There is a way you can take the strain out of this decision-making process and make choices that fit your personal style and fit into your home’s aesthetic. Start with the look you want to achieve. Pictures are helpful, styles, colors, textures. When you have an idea of what you want to achieve, getting there is easier.


Choosing the right wood type.

The door style and finish are important, but everything starts with the wood. The type, color, and grain will affect the look and feel of your room with its unique patterns and characteristics. No two pieces are the same. You can learn more about wood types on our partners’ sites and in the finishes they offer.


Selecting a door style.

Once you choose a wood type, you can choose a door style and finish available in that style, or vice versa. There are three major considerations in choosing a door style, other than the wood type: the frame shape, the panel style, and the overlay type. These things and the combination of them help create a look, whether traditional, modern, transitional, rustic, or others.


The Frame Shape

This is typically either square (straight perimeter) or arched (rounded arch at the top). Either of these styles can have raised (center panel raised) or recessed (center panel flat) styles. Raised panel styles can achieve both a traditional and modern design. Recessed panel square-framed styles are known as “shaker” cabinets. It’s very recognizable and very versatile. It’s a classic look that can achieve a traditional to a modern style and pair with just about any wood, stain or paint color and is very budget-friendly. You can find shaker styles in just about any RTA cabinet, stock cabinet, or semi-custom brand of cabinets. 


The Panel Style

From the flat panel to raised panel, beaded to slab, inset (and others), the panel style will help you achieve a specific look. Some are very distinctive, like beaded, mullion, or glass inset styles. Beaded styles provide a very rustic old-world style, while slabs tend to look very minimalist and modern.


The Finish (Color) 

This really comes down to the style you want. The style of the cabinets will also influence the finish you choose and the overall look you achieve. Here is a loose guide:


Modern / Contemporary – White is the most popular for a modern look, followed by shades of gray, blues, and even black. Neutral colors work well with the straight, smooth door-style shapes.

Traditional – Natural wood colors are classic here, and white is also increasingly popular. Raised panel cabinets are usually seen with traditional looks.


Farmhouse – Farmhouse and Country designs are also popular with white, light grays, and cream colors, with traditional raised panel cabinets.


Industrial – Combines metal accents with wood for a more industrial look and feel. Slab styles are typically combined with darker wood tones.


Transitional – Combines some traditional kitchens like crown molding and simple cabinetry styles, such as a shaker style with contemporary elements and finishes for a more relaxed and updated look.

The results of a kitchen remodel can be delightful. But getting to that point can be daunting. You can ease the stress by following these six tips for preparing for a kitchen remodel.


1. Set a budget


If you’re doing a DIY kitchen remodel, establish a budget before you grab any demolition tools.


Figure out what you want to accomplish with the remodel and how much you can afford to spend. You’ll need to consider the cost of materials and equipment for the project. According to Houzz, the median price tag for a kitchen remodel in the Austin area is $37,000.


2. Hire a qualified professional


Not going down the DIY road? Then you’ll need to hire a certified kitchen remodeler or designer. This pro can oversee the project from start to finish, including helping set a budget, kitchen design, labor and material selections (including the all-important kitchen cabinets).


More than anything else, a professional can take the headaches out of tackling the project on your own and can deliver a high-quality outcome.


3. Pick a temporary kitchen


For any kitchen remodel, particularly a major project, it’s wise to carve out a space in your home that can serve as a substitute kitchen. This could be your dining room, family room or basement, for instance. Until the project is completed, your temporary kitchen might be home to your refrigerator, hot plate, microwave and other cooking necessities.


4. Stock up on disposable kitchen items


When your kitchen is in the midst of being remodeled, it might be tough to wash and dry dishes. Therefore, it’s smart to stockpile disposable plates, cups, utensils and cups so you can avoid the washing-and-drying routine.


6. Gear up for the chaos


Kitchen remodels tend to be noisy and dusty, and can even be frustrating. That’s why it’s important to be patient during the remodeling process. Just expect this and remember how great your kitchen will look after the project is done!


To maintain your sanity:


  • Head outdoors. Go on walks, ride your bike, play with the dog in the backyard, take your kids to the park — whatever it takes to enjoy a little peace and quiet.
  • Relax. Whatever method works for you, set aside time to take care of yourself mentally.
  • Get away. If you can do so safely, this may be a great time for a break to visit relatives or even take a “staycation.” Some kind of getaway can improve your mood and take your mind off the remodeling project.