How to Choose a Cabinet Installation Company

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When planning a kitchen renovation, cabinets are one of the most important parts of the project. Choosing the style of cabinet you want is difficult enough – what many don’t realize until beginning the project is that cabinet installation is as equally important as the cabinet’s design. While some home design shows might make cabinet installation appear simple, it is actually a complex process that leaves plenty of room for errors that could end up compromising the value of your home or costing you more money in the future.  With this in mind, it is usually best to hire a cabinet installation company to ensure the process goes smoothly. 

Installing new cabinets in your home can feel overwhelming, with seemingly endless options and countless manufacturers and professionals who want to be hired for the job. Whether you are in the early planning stages of a home remodel or ready to hire a cabinet installer today, here are a few tips on how to choose a cabinet installation company.

Know the Importance of an Initial Consultation

Speaking to a cabinet installation company about your end goals is a crucial early step in your home remodeling process. Taking the time to learn about each other and to discuss your vision and budget will ensure that you love the results you get from whatever installation company you choose. Look for a company that offers a free consultation and will prioritize taking the time to answer any questions you might have about the installation process.

Review a Company’s Previous Work

Since kitchen cabinets can come in a wide variety of styles and designs, it’s natural that some companies specialize in certain finishes and styles. High quality cabinet installation companies should have a gallery of their previous work on their website or various social media pages, which you should take the time to browse before pursuing a particular company. Look not only at the style and design of their cabinets but also the quality, and read customer reviews or comments to determine whether or not a particular company is a good fit for you and your home renovation goals.

Work with Highly Experienced Professionals

One major factor to consider when determining how to choose a cabinet installation company is the level of experience that the professionals at a particular company have in the kitchen and cabinet design and installation industries. Professionals with decades of experience are more likely to do a thorough job based on your unique goals and needs that were discussed in your initial consultation and are likely to treat your home with respect. Be sure to find a team of expert professionals with appropriate experience and a real passion for kitchen remodeling. 

At Cabinet IQ, we are passionate about kitchen remodeling and can handle everything from design to installation. We are fully licensed and insured and have over 20 years of experience in general contracting. Unlike the typical kitchen cabinet installation company, we handle everything on your behalf – from our initial consultation to our last day of installation, we will be in constant contact and always update you on what to expect next. To learn more about our process or to book a free consultation, contact us at  (512) 706-9139 or [email protected].

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