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Some home improvements require more work than others. Many times, when people buy an older home, it needs some fixing here and there including a kitchen remodel. With this specific project, the whole property practically had to be gutted. With these kinds of situations, there is a lot more stress involved because there are so many pieces and parts that have to be addressed. On the bright side, the blank slate gives our kitchen designers more layout options to work with. If there is already a kitchen structure present, more times than not, the homeowners are limited to the set up that is already present.

new grey kitchen, cabient iq

The Story:

These specific customers needed our help creating their dream space from the bare bones. Not only did we do their kitchen renovation, we also designed a new pantry and laundry room space. We paired them with our interior designer Nick, and they got to work creating their kitchen makeover. The home is located in North Austin, which is a very popular area for those currently moving to the Austin area. Because you are close enough to downtown Austin for a commute, or have the ability to have access to many of Austin’s finest northern suburbs. The couple was looking for a contemporary space, with modern accents including pendant lights. And of course a bold and fun tile backsplash to compliment their chosen cabinetry and countertops.

The Solution:

For this project, the customer wanted a modern look with more storage space. The wall near the windows was designed with minimal upper cabinets and no open shelves for a nice clean look. Less cabinetry is a good way to save money and keep the average cost down. For the cabinets, they chose our Kraftmaid Vantage line and our designer presented several kitchen ideas. We see our Kraftmaid line as one of the most premium cabinet options. They are a semi-custom cabinet option, which means they are more customizable and have more options than stock cabinets. To learn more about the differences between semi-custom cabinetry, stock cabinetry, and custom cabinets, check out one of our previous blog posts.


For the main kitchen cabinets specifically, the customers decided to go with the Lyndale door style, in the color Bonsai. Lyndale shaker kitchen cabinets have a veneered, recessed center panel and come in a wide variety of wood types, colors and finishes to match your style. This door style can go with a multitude of kitchen styles. Contemporary, traditional, or even transitional. Shaker style doors are often recommended to all customers due to the adaptability of the way it can blend in with any kind of look. The color Bonsai has been one of our most popular in the last year. It has a mix of blue, green, and gray hues. Utilizing this color is a great way to add in a touch of color in a very classy manner.


For the kitchen island, laundry room, and pantry, they went with the same door style Lyndale. And for the color, they chose Pebble Grey. Pebble Grey is a true ash grey shade that is neutral, yet vibrant color. These two tones were complementary to each other, which made for a subtle, yet beautiful combination when put into the space. Since we did multiple spaces throughout their home, we were able to produce a cohesive home altogether.


Many people don’t always feel the need to renovate more than just their kitchen, but sometimes the home as a whole looks put together when all the cabinets and countertops are updated. For the countertops, they went with Arizona Tile in a 3cm thickness in the color Bianco Levanto. Bianco Levanto is white quartz that has bold, diverging veining strewn throughout. Its overall look makes a statement while complimenting many installation styles. The veigning color features beige and gold detailing. In the industry, we are seeing a major trend of beige and gold veining of countertops. We believe this is due to people enjoying earth tones and natural materials in their space more than other harsher colors. To top off this high-end kitchen, the owner installed stainless steel energy efficient appliances and a marble mosaic backsplash which is a great alternative to the traditional subway tile. All together, we absolutely love the features that were chosen, and the space came together wonderfully.

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The Results:

After a major transformation, the space turned out dramatically different. Which we always see as a good thing. Customers come to us wanting a change, so we want to give them the change they want and need to be satisfied. The job went off without a hitch, and everyone involved couldn’t have been happier.


We have so many stories just like this one, and we love talking about projects that our customers and ourselves are proud to call ours. If you are moving to the Austin area, and purchased a home that is not up to your standards, call us today and we can help. Or maybe you have a family member or friend that is in the same boat, you can send this story on.

new grey kitchen, cabient iq
new kitchen cabinet iq
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