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The Austin real estate market is booming as many of you know. There are homes being purchased within an hour of being listed. And of course, some of those homes need a major facelift. That is where we come in. A lot of our jobs are simply residential. We work with the homeowners themselves and everything is personalized to them. Other times we get jobs with local home builders that are either flipping homes from scratch, or working on new construction projects. In this instance, we had a home builder collaborate with us on a new construction home in the central Austin area.

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The Story:

Since there isn’t an exact vision in mind, we have to get creative and educate the builder on current home design trends and what would look appealing in this particular space. The home is truly a treasure in the community. Here at Cabinet IQ, we want to not only help transform homes, but even neighborhoods. This particular location was a new construction. It was built and designed from the ground up. We wanted to open the space up and give it an Austin aesthetic throughout the home. We see a popular aesthetic in this region as modern, airy, and vibrant.  We also wanted each bathroom to have ample storage space, and an inviting atmosphere.

The Solution:

The home builder was in search of a contemporary design that included warm cabinets. Along with an open kitchen layout with plenty of storage options. They also wanted high quality cabinets that would last the future homeowners a lifetime. Naturally, because of this request we had to recommend our Kraftmaid line. Kraftmaid is a semi-custom cabinet line that offers a variety of colors and finishes. Especially due to the fact they have a 25 year warranty which is an attractive offer for those that would like to stay in their home for the long-term future.

Throughout this particular home, we went with the Kraftmaid series in Maple for the majority of the cabinetry and a shaker cabinet style. The remainder of the cabinetry was done in the Kraftmaid color Greyloft.  The backsplash is always the funnest part to design in our opinion. This particular one is a combination of Arizona Tile’s Flash Ivory, and Pencil Bullnose. Which we think gives it a neutral, but chic touch to the kitchen. The bathrooms were also done in Kraftmaid colors Maple, Bonsai, and transparent driftwood. As for the countertops in the kitchen, we decided to go with Metroquartz in Luce LazulaLuce Lazula features warm caramel veins bolt across this natural-toned base, intermingling with patches of white lacing. This gives a warm, earthy tone throughout the space. As for the bathroom, we went with Ceasarstone in Georgian BluffGeorgian Bluff features a cloudy light gray, with delicate dashes of soft charcoal. The hardware throughout the space was black and brushed satin nickel from the company Top Knobs. The kitchen and bathrooms also featured multiple storage drawers, and spaces for maximum storage. Along with bright lighting for getting ready, and large windows for natural light.

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The Results:

We completed the project in a timely manner and gave the home builder a functional, modern home. The home consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms. And perfect for someone new to Austin, or even a family. We wanted to make the space functional for anyone that would want to make this their forever home. The colors ended up suiting the space perfectly, and we are confident that the quality will last a lifetime. Functional kitchens and bathrooms are integral in 2022. We have a lot of things that need their own place. Here at Cabinet IQ, we want to take on any job and give our 110% at each task we take on. We hope the new owners make a lifetime worth of memories in this space!

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