Flip or Flop

For the last decade, flipping houses has been a sensation. People love taking something old and outdated, and turning it into something fresh for a new homebuyer. This came from the DIY craze, with “DIY-ing” a whole home being the ultimate project. We are seeing a rise in the users of social media appreciating a storyline from the people they follow. At Cabinet IQ, we love tracking results, and paying attention to each step of the process to ensure an amazing outcome. Whether it’s a high-end kitchen remodel or a quick flip, we have products for both. Here is a story about a local Austin house flipper turned into a raving Cabinet IQ fan.

flip flop white kitchen 2 Cabinet IQ

The Story:

A local home flipper and contractor in the Austin area came to us with a big project in Pflugerville. The industry has seen Pflugerville grow like no other due to the growth of the Austin real estate market. As the Austin market grows, we see the suburbs follow suit. This particular home was very dated and ran down before the project began. We paired the home flipper with our designer Allison, and they got to work. The contractor didn’t have a lot of ideas on what he wanted. The beauty of a total renovation is that there is a lot of room to be creative and really design an idea from scratch. Allison and the contractor decided to go with a classic design with a modern twist. They really wanted the space to be light and airy, to go with the great windows this particular home had.

flipflop white background Cabinet IQ

The Solution:

Since the designer and contractor didn’t know what the future homebuyer would like, they wanted to go with a very standard color and style. That way, many different potential buyers would like it. And if the kitchen is classic to begin with, there is so much that can be done as far as accessories and style goes. Instead of just doing one standard color cabinet throughout, they decided to white on all of the main cabinets, and a light gray on the island cabinets. Also, to create more functionality, the island had to be turned to create a more cohesive layout.  With that being said, they decided on a white shaker cabinet from NKBC. And the light gray shaker cabinets are also from NKBC. For this particular project, we did not provide the countertops, but they did turn out to be very cohesive with the cabinetry. The two tones of the cabinetry detail really adds something to the design that makes it more custom. It brings dimension to the room, and a pop of uniqueness. We also did both bathrooms for the home also. The bathrooms are the same theme as the kitchen. For the master bathroom, the designer wanted to create as much function to the bathroom as possible. Which is why the tall linen cabinet was created for optimum storage space. The size for both bathrooms were great to work with, and we wanted them to also look classic, but functional. Which is why the layout is more unique than a standard master bathroom with double sinks that you might typically see. What is not featured in our photo is even more space for the large spa bathtub.

flipflop second 3d print, cabinet qi
flipflop third 3d print kitchen cabinet iq
flipflop plan 1 cabinet iq
flipflop plan 2 cabinet iq
flipflop plan 3 cabinet iq

The Results:

The results from this transformation were epic. What was once a dated property, transformed into one that you would see featured on Pinterest. This has become a shining star of the neighborhood. The home is about to be listed for sale, and we are so excited to see how the future owner will style their future space. Allison, our designer, stated that the home was unrecognizable when entering after the project was completed. Even if we aren’t working with the homeowner directly, we still put our hearts and souls into designing and installing for the space. We want anyone living in any spaces we work on, to be more than happy with our work.

flipflop white kitchen finished 1 cabinet iq
flipfop white kitchen finished 2 cabinet iq
cabinet iq flipflop white kitchen finished
flipflop white kitchen final cabinet iq