Kitchen Transformation for Superhero Parents

Working parents are superheroes. They are able to provide, protect, and support. Parents and children have a lot of wants and needs. Parents typically want a space that makes it easy for them to play many roles on a daily basis. Children want a safe space to grow and feel safe. Not only do parents have to look out for themselves and their own well-being, but for the well-being of other little lives. Between school mornings, homework evenings, and dinner-time, a lot can take place in a kitchen. Why not make sure your space is functional and meets all of your needs? You work hard, why not have the space you and your children love coming home to? A kitchen remodel from Cabinet IQ can provide this.

New countertop Installation, Cabinet IQ

The Story:

This specific customer wanted to take her old, dated, oak kitchen and make it into a functional and modern space in Austin, TX. She began her search by interviewing kitchen remodeling service providers in Austin and decided to choose a local store over a big box company like Home Depot. The owner previously had dark granite, which was popular in previous decades and can be seen as dated. The previous kitchen also was not functional with little storage space, and nowhere to hide small appliances. Therefore, the small appliances had to live on the countertops which can look cluttered and disorganized. She wanted every inch of the kitchen to be utilized in some way. Anyone that cooks or bakes a lot typically has a lot of small appliances, like this specific customer. That has to be factored into the design aspect of it all.


The whole kitchen needed a complete change of layout, this is one of the main jobs of the designer, is figuring out the perfect design, while also creating a beneficial new layout if the particular space permits it. We paired her with our designer Dave, and they got to work on her remodeling project. She also was desiring a clean and classic look that would remain timeless throughout the years. It is important to note that the island became the focal point of the kitchen after the renovation was completed. Homeowners love a good sized kitchen island due to the fact it is a functional part of the kitchen for preparing meals, and having a place to put essentials. They decided the island would be a different color than the perimeter of the kitchen cabinets. This is a great option for those that want to do a fun color, but don’t want to commit to a full colorful kitchen.

Clients kitchen before transformation, Cabinets IQ
Before remodeling the kitchen for super hero parents, Cabinet IQ

The Solution:

This particular kitchen was more extensive and intricate than some. For the island cabinetry, they went with the Kraftmaid Lyndale cabinet door style. The Lyndale series from Kraftmaid  showcases a veneered, recessed center panel. This would be considered one of their traditional  shaker door styles. It comes in a wide variety of wood types, colors and finishes.


The space also included a half overlay style in the color Rainfall. Rainfall was also included on the trim. The color rainfall features a blue/green hue, perfect for a unique and fun cabinet. This has been a very popular color for the 2022 season. We have many previous and current clients that claim this is their go to color.


For the perimeter of the kitchen, they decided to go with the Sedona line of Kraftmaid cabinet doors. The sedona line is a more detailed beveled shaker type door. It is common to do a more unique cabinet at eye level and above, because that is likely the first thing that will be seen. The Sedona cabinets were complete in a full overlay style, the color Dove White. Dove white is a true, bright white. Many think white and gray cabinets are out. However, white is classic, and will never go out of style.


For quartz countertops, our customer went with the brand Silestone in the color way Bella in a 3cm inch size. Bella is a bright white quartz, which hints of gray veining. This design also features a waterfall kitchen island, which is quite the focus of the space. Waterfall islands provide a seamless, custom look with the countertops flowing over the edge just like a waterfall. The edging is typically a flat-edge design to showcase the contemporary look. The more technical side of the design included an appliance garage cabinet for all of her small appliances. We also added functional details throughout the kitchen such as a mixer pull out, glass cabinetry that has included lighting that illuminates certain kitchen accessories.

mullion cabinet doors Cabinet IQ
Desiging the kitchen Cabinet IQ

The Results:

There is no desire we aren’t willing to attempt to fulfill for your specific lifestyle needs. The process ended up being seamless, and another unique kitchen was completed. This customer was so happy with our work, she volunteered to give us an awesome testimonial.


Congratulations to Dave the designer, and our lovely customer for teaming up to produce a gorgeous kitchen. While we provided the kitchen cabinets and countertops, other updates including herringbone tile backsplash (which is a unique change from traditional subway tile, lighting fixtures (task lighting and pendant lights) energy efficient appliances complimented her home remodel. We are satisfied with the fact that we created a high quality space that the whole family will love and be able to utilize for years to come. And are so happy our customer is satisfied with our work. We wish them a lifetime of memories, and time together.


If you would like to begin your kitchen renovation journey, we would love to be a part of your kitchen renovation journey. We also know that going through the kitchen renovation process can be daunting especially with children. There will be a time during installation that your kitchen will probably not be functional, so we know you want to choose a company that is respectful of your time, and is committed to getting the job done as well and as quickly as possible. We here at Cabinet IQ have two Austin, Texas are locations to serve you. Call or visit us today and we would love to get the process started for your kitchen and bath remodel as soon as you’re ready.

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Kitchen remodelinf for superhero parents, Cabinet IQ
Blue kitchen cabinets with quartz countertops Cabinet IQ

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