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You might be thinking, ‘I could not possibly make it in kitchen remodeling without prior experience, right?’ Wrong!

We often come across this notion and are always quick to assure our clients that they have what it takes. So, here is the truth- you do not need kitchen remodeling experience to run a kitchen remodeling business. Why? Because we train you in everything you need to know and continuously review your performance. So, you gain practical skills and still grow your business while at it. It is the ultimate twofer!

But of course, you must put in some work. We require our franchisees to be:


You must remain committed to achieving the goals in your business plan. We ensure that these are feasible to make the journey manageable.


Businesses come with shortfalls, but with determination, nothing will get in your way.

If you are dedicated, customer-oriented, and ready to serve your clients’ needs, you are the right person for this job! Talk to us today and let us see how we can make that happen!

No Cabinet or Countertop Experience Required

Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t need any prior cabinet or countertop experience to run a successful kitchen and bathroom remodeling business. While that may seem unbelievable, the simple explanation is that Cabinet IQ will train you in everything you need to know and continuously review your performance. You’ll gain practical skills and grow your business at the same time. When you succeed, we succeed, so we’ll be there for you the whole time, ready to help whenever you hit a snag.

What about financial requirements?

While we don’t have a recommended minimum net worth, you and any business partners must collectively have a minimum of $225,000in available funds. We also recommend having at least9 months of personal reserves. Our startup costs range from $143,350 to $223,300, and we have an initial franchise fee of $45,000.

The Average Franchise Owner

Many franchises are owned by teams –family members, friends, or business partners. But if you’d prefer to be a solo owner, Cabinet IQ’s excellent support system makes that easy as well. We’ll show you how to join a franchise whether you’re signing on as a team or on your own.

Our franchisees come from a wide array of backgrounds. Some are early in their working years while others are pre-retirees or retirees looking for a new venture. We’re also proud to have people from the armed services on our team and offer a reduced initial franchise fee to any qualified candidate who is a current member of the U.S. military or a veteran who has received an honorable discharge. If you qualify for this military discount, we’ll reduce the initial franchise fee for your first business by 20%

Cabinet IQ Franchisee Responsibilities

Don’t worry –we promise you won’t be making cabinetry from scratch. Your day-to-day work will focus primarily on the practical aspects of running the business:

  • Hiring and leading your team of experts

  • Handling sales, marketing, and customer service

  • Making site visits and inspecting clients’ homes for upcoming projects

  • Developing kitchen and bathroom designs

  • Scheduling kitchen and bathroom remodels

  • Of course, a franchise is like any other business, and as the owner, you get to determine your level of involvement. We’ll factor in your preferences when helping you develop your business plan.

A franchise is like any other business, and you get to decide your level of involvement which we factor in when helping you develop your business plan.

Cabinet IQ Franchisee Requirements

While we’ll teach you the specific information necessary to operate a cabinet and countertop franchise, you’ll need to have some existing skills and traits to make your franchise successful. In order to meet the franchisee requirements to join Cabinet IQ, you must be:

  • Self-motivated and possess a strong work ethic

  • A risk-taker

  • Good with people

  • A natural leader

  • Comfortable following a system

  • Self-motivated and possess a strong work ethic



At Cabinet IQ, we offer high-quality products for a great price with the best customer service in the industry. We’re passionate about our brand, and you should be too if you want to join our team. And while you don’t need any previous experience in the remodeling industry, you do need to be comfortable knowing that you’ll be working in the industry for a long time. Although you must adhere to the rules of the franchise system, you’ll still be the owner of your business and in charge of its daily operations. As the boss, you’ll call the shots, work well independently and be comfortable managing people. You’ll be the one to resolve any problems and assure that Cabinet IQ’s five-star customer service is always provided. If your communication and management skills aren’t excellent now, you should put plans in place to develop them.

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If you can say yes to the franchisee requirements, you could be the perfect candidate! Complete the form on this page today. Someone from our franchise development team will be in touch soon to help you start building your legacy with Cabinet IQ.

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