Invest in a rapidly growing kitchen and bath remodeling franchise

Steps to Franchise Ownership

We invite you to officially start our 7-step mutual evaluation process
where you will learn more about the Cabinet IQ opportunity,
and we will learn more about you!

Here are the milestones you can expect
when starting the Cabinet IQ franchising process:

1. Initial Call

During this phone call,
we will get to know each other
and can discuss any questions
about the business model.

2. FDD Review

Time to review our FDD
and answer any questions
about the legal nuts and bolts
of our model.

3. Market Research

Spend time researching
your market of interest to ensure
a Cabinet IQ business
will thrive there!

4. President’s Call

Speak with our
Founder and CEO, Michael Hartel,
to answer any clarifying questions
and to review the opportunity further.

5. Peer Review

Opportunity to speak with a current
Franchise Owner about what it’s like
to own and operate a Cabinet IQ.

6. Approval Day

Visit Austin, TX to meet the corporate team,
see the showrooms, visit a working job site,
and learn anything else you need to know
to decide if this is a suitable business
and culture fit for all parties.

7. Franchise Awarded

Congratulations! It has been mutually decided
this is an excellent fit
for both parties!

See if you qualify!

Is A Home Remodeling Franchise
The Right Business For You?

You are self-motivated (and you possess a strong work ethic to go above and beyond)

To put it simply, if you lack motivation, don’t think about franchising. You will need self-motivation to stay afloat when the going gets tough. Don’t make the mistake of making money your sole motivator — investing in a franchise brand does not guarantee immediate financial success. Success requires a huge amount of hard work, patience, and discipline. Also, your work ethic has to be strong and top-notch. Be ready to put in extra hours, and have it at the back of your mind that the first few years might be tough financially. Remember that new businesses take time to establish solid footings.

You enjoy being your own boss (and you have what it takes)

If you enjoy being the boss and being in charge of the daily operations of a business, go for it. Be sure you are not the type that would rather be told what to do than call the shots. There is nothing wrong with that type of person, but that type of personality cannot successfully run a home improvement franchise. When you invest in a franchise brand, you become the captain of the ship. That means you are in complete charge and you call the shots. You have to be able to work well independently, and also be able to manage people. Being the boss also means leading by example. Be ready to take on any and all responsibilities. That includes working long hours, doing non-managerial or clerical tasks if required, filling in for an absent employee, etc.

You are a risk-taker

However you choose to look at it, any new business venture is a risk. While franchising comes with fewer risks, it still has risks involved, and you should be prepared to take these risks. To mitigate some of the risks, be sure to have a deep understanding of the franchise option before buying. Get familiar with the home improvement business model, challenges, opportunities, etc. Take a close look at some other franchise owners, and speak with them, if possible, about franchising. Do an honest self-assessment of your ability to operate a franchise business. When you do all these, you will get a detailed understanding of all the associated risks, and you will be ready to face them.

You have good people skills

As essential as sunlight is in the existence of life, so also is good people skills in the successful running of a home services franchise. Your communication and people skills need to be very strong, as you will be managing the people that make up your team. If those skills are not strong enough, you should have solid plans to develop them. Having management experience is also a plus.

You are open to learning (and comfortable following a system)
A franchising business model is usually a system with rules. You should be willing to abide by this system in order to be successful. Bear in mind that the franchise exists because there is a working system already in place. You will find that many of your business choices will be made for you. You will have operations manuals you must follow, and you may not be able to implement your own ideas. If this is fine with you, a franchise may be a perfect fit.
You believe in the franchise brand (and you’re willing to sweat for it)

Truth be told, there is no point in investing in a franchise brand you don’t particularly believe in. The brand should be one you are willing to go above and beyond for, and proud to represent. In addition, you may not have solid experience in the industry, however, you should have a decent amount of interest in it. It should be an industry you are comfortable working in for the long term.


Highly recommend. Every step of the way was made easy and smooth.

Jodi Rheinheimer

My experience with [Cabinet IQ] was terrific.  They did a great job, and did everything possible to make my cabinet install go smoothly.

Courtney Nouh

They know what they’re doing and try to make the process as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible.

Julie Schmautz

From the moment we walked into the showroom, to the final installation, we couldn’t have been happier.

Geoff Herman

As an investor with multiple projects going at a time, getting the most current cabinets in a timely manner is key., [Cabinet IQ] is always consistent and makes it a one stop shop.

Josh Eaton

Very professional team and high quality cabinets. Will return for my next project.

Jermaine Q. Parker

Why Choose Cabinet IQ for your kitchen remodeling franchise?

Cabinet IQ is a high-tech cabinet and countertop home services franchise that prides itself on providing a five-star customer experience. We are revolutionizing an outdated home improvement industry by simplifying the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process for our clients and delivering final products that are functional, affordable, and beautiful. Now we want to share our successful formula with you. Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling franchise features feasible models tailored to your target market, affordable buy-in investment options, and a thriving franchise business network.

Be Part of the Booming Home Improvement Industry

Over $450 billion–that’s how much Americans spend each year on home improvements. As U.S. homes continue to age, the demand for remodels and updates continues to increase. What’s more, the kitchen continues to be the most renovated room in the house. The second most renovated room in the house? Bathrooms. Our mission is to become the most respected kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise in the country by sharing our innovative design and installation methods with our franchisees.

Prime Franchise Territories

When you buy a Cabinet IQ bath and kitchen remodeling franchise, you receive an exclusive territory. Better still, we do the market research for you to guarantee you have a minimum of 100,000 households within a 30-to 45-minute drive from your facility. We help you choose the perfect home services franchise location to maximize your opportunities for success.

Excellent Franchise Owner Support

As a Cabinet IQ home services franchisee, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: You’ll be your own boss AND have exceptional Franchise Owner training and ongoing support from our expert team. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from creating a feasible cabinet refinishing business plan to implementing our proprietary customer relationship management program. You’ll benefit from one-on-one coaching as you launch your kitchen and bathroom remodeling business and as you continue to develop it.

A Comprehensive Investment Package

Our initial financial investment costs range from $189,450 to $288,800, including the $59,500 franchise fee and projected expenses through three months of business. Qualified home improvement franchise candidates need a credit score of 700, a minimum net worth of $100,000 and $50,000 required in liquid capital.

Who We Are

Cabinet IQ was founded in 2016 and quickly became one of the fastest-growing businesses in Austin. While many of our competitors continue to offer poor service and subpar installation, our bathroom and kitchen remodeling franchise provides consistently excellent quality, value, and service throughout the home remodeling process. Our customer-focused approach has made us a household name in Central Texas.

Who We’re Looking For

If you’re self-driven, determined, and passionate about providing outstanding customer service, we want to talk to you. You don’t need any prior cabinet or countertop experience because we’ll train you in everything you need to know. We want to help you grow your own multi-million dollar home remodeling business. Fill out the form on this page and learn how owning a Cabinet IQ kitchen remodeling franchise can put you on the path toward financial success.

See if you qualify!