7 Kitchen Design Trends in Austin for 2020

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Trends come and go, but one trend never goes out of style: keeping your kitchen up to date. So, what kitchen design trends are capturing attention in 2020? They’re as varied as the appliances, dishes and utensils in your kitchen.

These days, more and more homeowners are sprucing up their kitchens with their own style in mind — and aren’t always worrying about what a future buyer might think.

“You should remodel for what you want your house to be like, how you want to live, not really think about trends or resale value too much. … A good designer will strategically help you make those decisions to personalize it but still keep it classic and timeless,” Mitchell Parker, an editor at Houzz, a home remodeling and design website, told The Washington Post.

Here, we offer seven kitchen trends that might supply some inspiration.

1. Bold backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes can be both practical and beautiful. Large backsplashes with a blend of textures and lighting can make a statement. In fact, an intricate design can transform a backsplash into a piece of art.[1]  Stone and slab[2]  backsplashes also are growing in popularity.[3]

2. Calacatta marble

Calacatta Marble, Cabinet IQ

Characterized by large, thick patterns, Calacatta marble — offered in both warm and cool tones — is a type of Italian marble.[4]  You’ll find this relatively rare luxury stone used for kitchen backsplashes or [5] countertops, bathtubs, showers, fireplaces, flooring and other home features. [6]

According to The New York Times, Calacatta “remains the go-to choice” for marble elements throughout the home, including the kitchen.[7]

If your budget doesn’t allow for real marble, there are plenty of man-made quartz options that are designed to mimic the natural marble look.

3. Color Palettes

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Parker, the Houzz editor, says homeowners are switching out traditional white palettes in their kitchens for soft colors such as light gray, light blue and creamy white.

There’s “a drive toward colors that are calming and soothing,” Parker says. “People are spending so much time in the kitchen with their family. It’s kind of the hub of the home. It’s nice to have that kind of bright, relaxing, soft, soothing color palette.”[8]

Still, some designers and homeowners aren’t shy about incorporating, black, aqua[9], deep green and bright yellow into kitchen makeovers, including the paint schemes for cabinets.[10] According to a survey by furniture maker Joybird, 20% of people who responded indicated they’d like to paint their kitchen cabinets a bold color in 2020.[11]

4. Mixed metals

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Rather than settling on just one type of metal, homeowners are playing with several metals to create unique looks in the kitchen and bathroom. Among the top choices are bronze, copper, chrome[12] , nickel, black matte and stainless steel.[13]

In the kitchen, you can make a mixed-metal statement with items like sinks, range hoods and lights.[JE14]

“If your M.O. up until this point was to pair silver with silver and gold with gold for fear of not ‘matching,’ we won’t tell anyone. But we’ll let you in on a little design secret: Mixing metals is back, and in a BIG way,” the Apartment Therapy website points out.[15]

5. Doggie cantinas
doggie cantinas, cabinet iq

Why not pamper your pooch with a doggie cantina? What’s a doggie cantina, you say? It’s a special spot in your kitchen where Spot can chow down on his favorite food or treats.

“Our pets can make a mess in our kitchens, but that’s where they tend to hang out with us and share our lives! Use alcoves under your kitchen cabinets to house dog bowls and food, as well as treats and leashes,” designer Cathy Maready tells House Beautiful magazine.[16]

6. Colorful appliances

colored kitchen appliances - cabinet iq

Stoves and refrigerators aren’t just black or white anymore. More homeowners are adding colorful appliances to their kitchens. Among the most daring color choices are turquoise, deep orange and mint green.

A vibrant stove or fridge “can serve as a statement piece that injects personality into a cooking space,” according to The Spruce website.[17]

7. Sleek simplicity

Cabinet IQ, simplicity and functionality

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Less is more.” That philosophy definitely applies to the kitchen, where you can make certain design elements stand out by simplifying the overall design scheme. One way to achieve that: Install sleek flat-panel cabinets.

“Flat-paneled millwork with minimal detailing and fuss is the best way to let unique cabinetry materials really shine,” designer Alison Pickart tells House Beautiful.[18]



















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