White Cabinets with Black Hardware: How to Style Them

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Kitchen is the heart of the home. Due to its importance, renters or homeowners find it hard to pick one that ticks all their boxes. Also, all the options in the market make it even harder for them to choose the kitchen of their dreams.

This is where white cabinets with black hardware kitchens come into the picture. A white kitchen on its own is timeless. Adding, the touch of black hardware creates an irresistible combination.

So, let’s go through thirty ways you can style this combination and create a lovely environment.

Go For White Shaker Cabinets With Black Hardware For a Classic Look

When working with white shaker cabinets, the possibilities are limitless. Shaker style cabinets are practical, elegant, and simple. They also fit both traditional and modern kitchens. When combined with black hardware, they transform any kitchen into a chic space.

Besides the classic look they bring to your kitchen, they are also qualitative. Most shaker style cabinets comprise high-quality materials like hardwood, making them very durable.

Flat-Panel White Cabinets With Black Hardware Translate To a Modern Kitchen

Flat-panel cabinets are very popular in modern and contemporary kitchens. Their simple, sleek, and basic appearance makes them a great fit for almost any kitchen.
Flat-panel white cabinets look gorgeous when combined with black hardware. A simple black linear-pull on a white flat-panel cabinet completes the modern design.
So, if you’re looking for an eye-catching element to add to your kitchen, these are the cabinets for you. Flat-panel white cabinets with black hardware create a bold statement in your kitchen. But, while they can be bold and the center of attention they still keep the minimalist vibe.

Incorporate Wood Elements For a Rustic Feel

If you want a rustic environment, go for a white kitchen with black hardware and add wood elements.
Black and white color scheme and wooden shelving and rafters create a homely feeling. If you want to add even more to the rustic vibe add a wooden table. Installing a portable small rustic table completes the design of your kitchen.
We also have a solution for those who like the rustic vibe but want to keep it modern. While wooden elements work their magic, add glass windows or doors to keep your kitchen rustic yet modern.

White Cabinets With Black Hardware For a Farmhouse Kitchen

The black and white kitchen combination mostly creates a modern environment. But, this is not always the case. You can use white cabinets with black hardware even to create a farmhouse design.
Adding a large farmhouse-style sink at the end of your kitchen will transform the space. If you want to go even further, you can add a fancy hanging light to create that farmhouse vibe.

Add Extra Black Elements For a Daring Look

White cabinets with black hardware kitchens are a safe choice. But, once you decide to play with more black, things transform. Adding black elements to your white kitchen will create a unique design.
Accents like the black grout between subway tiles highlight the white in the kitchen. The window frames, and a black oven enhance the white interior creating a daring look. Also, the contrast of white cabinets and dark hardware makes the kitchen look fancier.

Incorporate a Grey Countertop and Backsplash For a Modern Luxury Kitchen

This combination is ideal if you like the blend of modern design and luxurious details. The grey marble countertop serves as a focal point of the white cabinets with black hardware.
Together with the backsplash, the marble countertops produce a seamless appearance. Also, white cabinets’ design together with black hardware give another level of texture. All these elements combined together create a contemporary kitchen with a luxurious touch.

Add Metallic Elements to Create an Eye-Grabbing Environment

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The black and white scheme can create different atmospheres with the right addition. A marble countertop draws attention in and complements the kitchen. Also, adding metal counter seats and pendant lights create an eye-catching atmosphere.
To take things into the next level, you can use two different backsplash designs. The use of two distinct backsplash designs adds visual interest to the space.

Add a Wooden Island And Create a Classic Kitchen

This combination creates the ideal fusion of modern design with classic accents. Choosing shaker cabinets adds to the classic look. But, the smooth black hardware modernizes the cabinetry.
The wood kitchen island with a white surface stands out among the whites and adds a textured element. Adding a black pendant light complements the cabinets and adds to the room’s classic look.

Pick Black Knobs To Easily Alter Your Kitchen All The Time

Black knobs on white cabinets add a classic touch. This kitchen cabinet style is popular among interior designers because it is adaptable. It can change together with your taste.

It’s a win-win situation because you can simply replace the hardware. So, if you decide you don’t like black hardware in the future, you can replace it without having to change your cabinets.
Black hardware in general combines great with flat-panel cabinets. But, black knobs make a perfect match with flat panel-cabinets. Black knobs and flat-panels create a sleek and modern look for your kitchen.

Combine Slab Door Cabinets With Glossy Backsplash For a Minimalistic Kitchen

This combination of slab cabinets and glossy backsplash creates a minimalistic kitchen. The black hardware contrasts sharply with the white classic slab door cabinets. Also, the modern glossy backsplash creates an attention grabbing factor.
To keep the minimalistic feel, add black and white floor tiles. A minimalistic kitchen with white cabinets and black hardware is ideal for a sophisticated and elegant home interior.

Combine Distressed Cabinets and a Range Hood

Creating a mix between modern and traditional is easy. To achieve this, combine distressed cabinets and a range hood. The white distressed cabinets with black hardware contribute to the traditional look.
On the other hand, the range hood is a great deviation from the traditional and adds to the modern. In addition, a gray marble range hood and white kitchen island countertop add a pop of color to the kitchen design.

Get Waterfall Edges For An Innovative Look

Your kitchen is the best way to bring your ideas to life. You can use your kitchen to express your personality. The best way to do so is by getting innovative elements in your kitchen.
Getting a kitchen with countertop waterfall edges gives the design a dramatic feel. Also, the black hardware contrasts the white cabinets and adds a sense of luxury. To complete the look add some types of lightning. The unique lighting fixture highlights the island and creates a focal point.

Add Multicolored Chevron Tile Backsplash to Your Kitchen

To create an attention-grabbing environment add a multicolored chevron tile backsplash. The stunning chevron tile backsplash design adds dynamism and texture.
This type of tile creates a farmhouse environment in your kitchen. The tile complements the white kitchen cabinets despite the type. Also, the black hardware contracts the white features, creating a warm and cozy feel.

Add Shiplap Walls To Achieve a Country Look

Working with shiplap walls is great for anyone looking to add some country charm to their home. The shiplap walls give your kitchen a nice cottage feel. While the white cabinets stand out, the black hardware ties the look together. Adding a country charm to your kitchen creates the perfect place to relax after a long day.

Add Terracotta Backsplash To Create An Earthy Feeling

Adding a terracotta backsplash as a decorative element in your kitchen has a major role. It is perfect if you want to keep the modern look with the black and white color scheme but still want that rustic hit. Terracotta backsplash is a great option if you want to add some color to your kitchen, but not go overboard.

Include Subway Tile to Achieve a Farmhouse Look

The white cabinets and subway tile are a classic combination that will never go out of style. Together with black hardware, this combination adds a rustic touch to your kitchen. Moreover, the white cabinets contrast with the black hardware completing the look.
To make a focal point, arrange white subway tiles in a thin brick pattern. Adding a wood trim and a table with seats gives warmth and breaks up the kitchen’s monochromatic palette. Finally, adding a farmhouse sink completes the farmhouse vibe.

Add a Hexagon Backsplash For a Puzzled Look

If you’re looking for ways to add your own touch in the kitchen, a hexagon backsplash is a great idea. Creating this little unique area could totally transform your kitchen. Also, this area could make a perfect coffee station nook for you.

Design Open Shelving For a Farmhouse Aesthetic

Adding wooden elements to white cabinets with black hardware creates a farmhouse aesthetic. This impact is greater when you add open shelving. Open wooden shelving give you extra space in the kitchen. Also, it allows you to showcase the items you want while adding that simple rustic vibe.

Add a Lot of Plants For a BOHO Kitchen

Adding in any rattan furniture to your kitchen will give it a boho vibe. A beachy kitchen is all about simplicity in design and in function.
Adding different plants in your kitchen creates a clean, fresh, and casual feel. This addition to your kitchen will make it open to the rest of the house, but it still keeps its own space. Plants create a place where you can let your mind drift off. You can enjoy it while making dinner or get lost in thoughts while making breakfast.

Add Rustic Beam on Range Hood

A white kitchen with black hardware is simple and calming. But such an environment can start to feel cold. So, adding in some wood additions on top can really complete the rustic vibe. Adding a rustic beam on the range hood compliments the space and gives it a homey feel.

Add Light Butcher Block Counters For Warmth

White cabinets with black hardware give a bright and airy feel to your kitchen. The butcher block counters add a sense of freshness to your overall white kitchen. It gives it the slightest hint of warmth in contrast to having a completely white countertop.

Add Coastal Accents For an Eye-Catching Look

To create an eye-catching look add coastal accents, such as barstools! They add visual interest with different textures, breaking the black and white pattern.
Try choosing neutral colors, then add cool accent colors like blues and greens. Light wood tones and natural elements will also add to the coastal vibe.

Get Black Cabinet Pulls For an Antique Vibe

White cabinets and black hardware are an ideal solution for almost every kitchen. To add more personality to your space, you can use black cabinet pulls.
Bold cabinet pulls act as a focal point especially on white shaker style doors. Also, having a black countertops adds a beautiful contrast to the kitchen. Such a combination will create an antique vibe.

Try Mixing Black Knobs And Pulls

A great way to add character to your kitchen using black hardware is to mix different types of knobs and pulls. For example, you can use a black knob on a cabinet drawer and then use a pull on another cabinet drawer.
Also, you can use brass pulls on some drawers and black pulls on others. This will give your cabinets a chic look without being overwhelming.

Get Black Soapstone Backsplash and Countertop

A black and white color scheme offers an elegant and timeless appeal. So, adding a black soapstone backsplash and countertop creates a striking focal point. This addition gives your kitchen a clean and fresh look.
Moreover, adding a brass faucet gives a dose of sparkle and brings a warm look to the atmosphere.

Go for a Transitional Kitchen With White Hex Tile Backsplash

Combining white cabinets, black hardware, and white backsplash create a clean look. Also, an elongated hex tile backsplash adds visual interest and creates a focal point. This combination is simple yet bright and stylish.

Add a Brick Backsplash for Extra Character

Adding, a red brick backsplash creates a focal point and builds character for the design. Including white and glass-fronted cabinet doors will create an open and airy feel.
The black hardware completes the design with modern touches. White cabinets with a white countertop create a harmonious look. Also, the brick backsplash enhances the look.

Design a Contemporary Kitchen with Mosaic Tiles

White flat-panel cabinets, matte black hardware, and white countertop offer a modern look. Adding light backsplash tiles brings a mosaic appearance and adds visual interest. Thanks to the tiles, other appliances stay in harmony with the style of the design.

Create a Contemporary Kitchen with Window Backsplash

Adding crisp whites and neutral shades create a balanced look.
So, when adding a window backsplash, the natural light provides a bright atmosphere. The white cabinets create a sleek modern look. The black hardware completes this modern appearance. Also, adding black counter chairs complete the neutrality of the cabinets.

Add Rattan Pendant Lights for a Modern Beach Style

In a beach-style kitchen, a wood kitchen island with a white countertop is the centerpiece. The wood paneling of the island creates a textural look. In addition, the oversized rattan pendant lights complete the warm look of the island. The white cabinets with black hardware provide a clean and fresh backdrop for the island.

Final Thoughts

Styling white cabinets with black hardware kitchens seems overwhelming, but that couldn’t be far from the truth. Once you’ve figured out your requirements for a kitchen, it all gets clearer.
Before making decisions, browse through different options and pick one that checks all your boxes.

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