How to Style It: Blue Kitchen Island

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Making the choice to incorporate a blue kitchen island is a bold statement. But, it’s not always easy styling it. A wrong choice in accents can lead to a washed up look.
How can you avoid this?
Learn how to make your kitchen a place where you can not only cook and eat, but also relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen can be expensive. If you don’t have a strategy, it can be a waste of money and time. Therefore, make sure that you have made a detailed plan after studying what you want to do and how you can do it.
Renovating your kitchen doesn’t happen every day. So, it’s best to do it right the first time.
Some of the elements you should be focusing for when remodeling the kitchen are:
  • Wall color,
  • Faucet types,
  • Backsplash
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Windows
These are elementary aspects that you should pay attention to when you want to renovate your kitchen. Therefore, keep in mind the general tips that are explained below and the reasons behind them.

Be Careful When Painting Kitchen Walls

If you decide to paint the kitchen walls, be sure that you are willing to do this “hard work”. Be passionate about it and choose the right colors and quality paints, because they will stay there for a long time. Choose colors that are easy to clean and look nice too.
If you think you are not ready to do this work yourself, work with a professional company that will advise you on the better quality paints, color combination and other related things.

Choose Quality Kitchen Appliances

If you decide to renovate your house in general, and you should also remodel your kitchen, be sure to choose qualitative faucets, and they will complete the kitchen.

Choose a Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash

When it’s time to choose a backsplash, you should go for something that looks beautiful, is easy to clean, and also expresses your personality. You can find different types of materials and colors that will make the kitchen look perfect.
Pay attention to the color and quality of flooring and windows.
Wood material looks very good and can be combined with any kitchen color. Plus. it is very easy to clean. You can also use luxury vinyl and laminate flooring, which is durable, comparatively soft and compliant, and easy to clean.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island will complete your kitchen and secondly. It can make your kitchen “feel like home” after a hard day at work. It is the perfect place to have a cup of tea while you are with your loved ones.
Some other reasons to invest in a kitchen island include:
  • A kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet that can be outfitted with stools to provide additional seating, and integrated with drawers or cabinets where you can store your cooking appliances. This means that you will have extra space for your appliances.
  • Your home will look beautiful and modern.
  • Wonderfully combines function and style.
  • Helps you and your family enjoy modern living in more open spaces.
  • It can be the perfect place for food preparation.
If you have decided to invest in a kitchen island, you should think about working with a professional company that will support you, give you ideas and do the work professionally.
Finding the best company to do all this work is a crucial part that you should research carefully and choose the best one.
Before you start the kitchen renovation, look at some ideas on how to change your kitchen with the color blue. Look how beautiful and how you can breathe fresh after you do all the changes in your house, a blue kitchen island will look perfectly in your house.

Blue Kitchen Islands Ideas to Remodel Your Kitchen

The color blue looks beautiful in almost everything in the house.
Another benefit is the variety of shades that are available, from lighter varieties like turquoise, powder blue, sky blue and periwinkle to darker tones like ultramarine, navy blue, sapphire blue, midnight blue and teal.
Investing in a white blue kitchen or any other shade of blue will transform your home into a modern one.

Blue Accent Kitchen

If you are not ready to use the color blue too much in the kitchen, use only one part, or one cabinet. White and blue are a perfect color combination. So think about a white kitchen and a blue cabinet.
You can choose a wooden floor, which is very easy to clean and fits perfectly with a white kitchen and a small shade of blue on the kitchen island.

Mosaic Backsplash

You can choose a beautiful backsplash. Mosaics combined with blue island cabinets and wooden chairs will help create a very comfortable place for cooking and eating.
Also, they make an amazing ambiance to stay in the nights with your friends, for a coffee, or a soup.

Dark Colors

Choosing kitchen furniture can sometimes be difficult, but make sure you choose what makes you feel good and what can be combined well with other things.
Black stoles look modern near the kitchen. Glass teardrop pendant lights hanging over a white countertop with the black stoles and blue island cabinets are a perfect choice.

White Chairs

Blue island cabinets in your kitchen, combined with white leather stoles and a glass pendant light is another idea how to remodel your kitchen. The colors go very well together, they are very easy to clean.
Even if sometimes the glass lighting can not be too resistant, but to be honest, they look perfect in the kitchen.

Modern Cabinets

When we talk about glass, we know that sometimes it is very difficult to maintain or can break very easily, but it is a very good idea for your modern kitchen.

Think about glass cabinets in combination with a wooden frame. These cabinets fit very well in a kitchen with a blue kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. As for the shades of blue, you can choose whatever you want, because they will look very nice next to the glass cabinets. Don’t forget to put the red flowers on the table to make your kitchen even more beautiful, with a sweet fragrance.


Sometimes you can be nostalgic about the old things, or things that are in the village, so you can modulate your house with different elements.
For example, in your kitchen you can choose rustic wooden chairs that can be placed near the blue island cabinet. You can also choose wooden pendant lights that will complete the farmhouse look even more.

Navy Blue

Choosing navy blue color for your kitchen is a good idea, because the color can be combined with other colors and also with the wood.
You can choose the white color for the kitchen walls, black lighting and navy blue kitchen island cabinets. Also, the wooden stools to sit and read a newspaper on your iPad, looks like a very relaxing day.

Bright Blue Island

Are you an individual who likes to express something and a strong person who tries everything? If so, try a light blue kitchen island in your kitchen and you will have a unique kitchen.

You can use a white painted fireplace that will blend with the cabinets on the edge and tie the room together, white stools and a white pendant light, and everything will be perfect together.

Vintage Blue Island

Vintage style is well-known and popular, so we suggest using this style in your kitchen. You can use it as a beautiful piece in the corner areas, with incredible details.

Ocean Blue Island with Wood Elements

You can combine ocean blue islands with gold. Various unique kitchen elements and decorations, such as the flower vase, a small mirror and other decorations and elements.= can help bring out the ocean blue even more.

Island on Wheels

Blue island on wheels is very useful, because the wheels are very flexible, you can serve the guests with the food and drinks, you can remove things from the living room and other things.
Complete your kitchen with elements that are very unique and flexible, and you will make your life easier.

Contrast Color

In your kitchen you can play with colors, but be careful not to make a wrong decision.
Try to use contrasting colors. For example, you can use the blue color with a contrasting color, like red, in one part of the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to be unique and try different things.


You can use different artistic wallpapers, and give the spirit in the kitchen. The handmade drawings are very interesting, and will make your kitchen look beautiful and unique as well.
You can put a wallpaper on the kitchen that has blue colors in it, which will go perfectly with the blue island kitchen, and with pink flowers on the cabinets.

White and Gold Lighting

If you decide to have an island kitchen in your kitchen, you can decide to buy some beautiful lighting. Golden and white flashes are very nice to put above the island kitchen, especially the blue island kitchen.
With white carpets, white stools and other details in the kitchen, everything will look modern.

Wood Chairs and Flooring

Beautiful chairs, made of wood, look great in the kitchen island, but the overall look is completed by combining them with wooden floors. This combination of colors will give you a cozy ambience, and modern as well.

Brick Accent Wall

Another idea for remodeling your kitchen is to combine blue kitchen cabinets with wooden chairs and a brick backsplash with gold sconces. What a modern kitchen will be…

Modern Lightning

Before you decide what style of lighting to choose, think about modern lighting. You will stay very fit in your kitchen by combining them with beautiful chairs near the island kitchen, and with a wallpaper. Choose the glass lighting for your kitchen and you will not regret the choice you made.

Open Kitchen Island

When we talked about the island on wheels, they were very unique, as well as the open kitchen island cabinets.
They are very useful and can also optimize the space in the kitchen. Inside the open kitchen island, you can put some beautiful and fresh flowers that will clean the air and give a beautiful view of the kitchen.

Powder Blue Island

Powder blue color used for the kitchen island will make your kitchen look very beautiful. You can combine it with golden accents and white chairs.


If you decide to remodel your house, it is very important to work with professionals to do everything in a professional way.
Before you decide to change the kitchen, you can use different combinations of colors, elements, decoration and fixtures to make your kitchen look very attractive and comfortable.
Think about the island that will make the kitchen more modern.Try to play around with colors and shapes, until you get something that feels modern, cozy, and inviting at the same time.

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