Trending Cabinet Colors of 2024

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The world of kitchen design is undergoing a colorful transformation in 2024, with cabinet colors taking center stage. As homeowners seek to infuse their own taste of personality and vibrancy into their spaces, delve into the mesmerizing palette of trending cabinet colors that promise to redefine kitchens in this year.

Earthy Tones for a Natural Retreat

In 2024, earthy tones are making a strong statement in kitchen cabinets. Earthy tones include a diverse range of hues inspired by the natural world. Warm neutrals like taupe, terracotta, and olive green are gaining popularity, bringing a sense of grounded sophistication to kitchen spaces. These colors bring a natural, calming and organic atmosphere, creating a retreat within the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Above aesthetics, the earthy tones resurgence is partially aligned to earth-conscious efforts to sustainability and a movement towards eco-friendliness, making these tones a very compelling popular choice for cabinet colors amongst homeowners that desire the never aging beauty of nature in their kitchens, making it a trend that is unlikely to ever fade.

Earthy Tones for a Natural Retreat

Moody Blues and Deep Greens

Bold and moody hues are taking over cabinet designs, with deep blues and greens stealing the spotlight. Navy, midnight blue, and emerald are making waves, adding a touch of drama and luxury to kitchens.

These rich colors create a sense of depth and opulence, making a powerful design statement. Such tones often provide a striking contrast against more natural-looking elements of the kitchen, with the cabinets serving as a beautiful focal point in the kitchen.

One of the most trending 2024 cabinet color design choices are such jewel-like luxurious colors that, much like the jewels they are inspired by, are a timeless,  luxurious, and powerful statement for any kitchen cabinet.

Moody Blues and Deep Greens

Warm Terracotta and Rust

Terracotta, derived from Italian for “baked earth” and rust tones, are making a comeback in 2024, injecting warmth and vibrancy into kitchen spaces. These earthy, reddish-brown hues add a touch of Mediterranean charm, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is suitable for just about any sort of design style.

Whether used as accents or for entire cabinet designs, terracotta and rusty tones bring a biophilic sense of elegance that is hard to find in other colors.

These colors are great for naturally hiding small imperfections and usual wear-and-tear of kitchen cabinets, and makes them a great choice for homeowners looking for something cozy, inviting and easily maintained.

Warm Terracotta and Rust

Two-Tone Elegance

The trend of two-tone cabinets continues to dig into 2024, offering a dynamic and visually appealing design solution. Homeowners are experimenting with contrasting colors for upper and lower cabinets or incorporating an island in a different hue. This approach adds depth and interest to the kitchen, showcasing a creative play of colors.

One benefit of two-tone cabinets is if you have a collection of dishes, cookware, or kitchen items, two-tone cabinets provide an opportunity to create a display area. Open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets in one color can showcase your collection against a contrasting background.

Using two-tone cabinets can help with organization. You can designate one color for certain types of items (e.g., baking supplies) and another for different categories, streamlining the kitchen organization process.

Two-Tone Elegance Cabinet IQ kitchen


As we navigate the vibrant landscape of cabinet colors in 2024, the possibilities are as diverse as the tastes of homeowners. From earthy neutrals to bold blues and warm terracotta, this year’s trends offer a spectrum of choices to suit every style. Elevate your kitchen with these trending cabinet colors and let your space become a canvas of self-expression and design innovation.

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