How to Plan Your Wood Cabinet Kitchen Design

One of the most popular options for high-quality kitchen cabinet materials is wood. Wooden cabinets are customizable and can be crafted to match any style of interior design, from traditional to contemporary (and everything in between). Before beginning any step of the renovation process, you should consider the finished look that you want to achieve. Think about how the design of your kitchen and cabinets fit into your personal style and the aesthetics of your entire home. Once you have an idea of the look you want to achieve, Cabinet IQ can help you plan your wood cabinet kitchen design from start to finish. 

When choosing the type of wood you will be using for your kitchen cabinets, here are 3 details to consider.

1. Wood Type

All woods fall into one of two categories: hard and soft. These traits are distinguished based on the type of tree each wood type comes from. Hardwood is a more versatile material, often available in numerous colors and finishes. Softwoods are often more readily available and can be offered at a lower cost, depending on the project you are wishing to complete.

2. Wood Color

All woods have natural coloration, but can often be customized to achieve your ideal wood cabinet kitchen design. The color of wood you choose should depend on the style of cabinets you are choosing. For example, white is the most popular color for modern finishes, followed by shades of blue and black. Farmhouse styles are often gray or cream colors, and industrial style cabinets often combine elements of metal with naturally colored woods.

3. Wood Grain

The grain of a particular wood refers to its alignment, texture, and various patterns that naturally occur. Since this is a naturally occurring feature, every type of grain is slightly different, but often includes one of several patterns including spirals or arches.

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