New Parents, New Kitchen

There are many homes in the Austin, Texas metroplex that are older in age. Most nicer homes in the area are actually not new construction. And with the real estate boom in the last few years, it has encouraged people to start updating their older home. Another issue we see in kitchens of older homes is the risk of flooding from older plumbing and appliances.


After decades of use, something bad is bound to happen. So, it’s always beneficial to get ahead of a potential disaster. Not to mention the aesthetic aspect of kitchen renovation.  Most people with homes built decades ago are dealing with some very unpleasant materials and colors that would definitely not be used in 2022. 

New kitchen installed for the client cabinet iq

The Story:

These customers came to us after they wanted to take their older home with a lot of southern charm, and make their kitchen: updated, classic, and fresh. They also just welcomed a new baby into the home. So, of course they wanted a space that would assist them in new parenthood. There are so many unknowns to having a newborn, so why not have the comfort of a new kitchen for late night meals, and bottle making?


We paired them with our designer Nick, and they got to work immediately creating a functional space for the couple and their new addition. In our time doing cabinets and countertops, we have seen much more dated kitchens than this one. But as you can see from the photos, the cabinet, granite, and backsplash color are certainly dated. Having a beautifully updated home, and a not so updated kitchen, can really put a damper on your home as a whole.

The old kitchen of new parents, Cabinet IQ
Clients kitchen before our transformation, Cabinet IQ
Cabinet IQ, before the transformation

The Solution:

This particular project featured a very large kitchen space, along with a bar area on the side of the kitchen. So those ended up being two separate spaces since they are divided by a wall. The cabinets were all done in our Kraftmaid Vantage line. Which is Kraftmaid’s top tier premium cabinet line, featuring their best quality cabinets. Don’t mistake our top of the line Kraftmaid Vantage line, with the Kraftmaid lines that are sold at big box retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

For this project, they used the sedona door style throughout. The sedona door style stepped profile is only featured on the inside edges of the top and bottom rails. A subtle, but unique detail on this particular cabinet style. This gives an elevated look to doors without adding anything too crazy.

The color that was chosen from the line was Bonsai. This is a color that includes hues of blue and green, and make for a statement in any kitchen.


They chose Alpine Mist from Ceasarstone in a 3cm thickness for their countertops. Alpine Mist is a cool gray background with delicate, crisp white veins that contrast darker flecks of gray, creating an enticing aura. This specific slab also features a polished and honed finish, which makes for a premium aesthetic. In the bar area, we made sure to include a wine rack for wine bottles. And glass shelving to showcase their various accessories. We also wanted to provide them with plenty of countertop and cabinet space in the section. That way they could use the space for storage, or even entertainment. The main kitchen space also included a few glass cabinets. Homeowners specifically love these. As far as the overall design goes, our customers wanted the space to be transitional, with a twist of contemporary. The pops of color definitely provide that touch of contemporary. And the transitional aspect comes from the space not being traditional but having elements of both traditional and modern.

plan of clients new kitchen Cabinet IQ
Planing the new kitchen of the customer by Cabinet IQ
Planing the new kitchen cabinets and countertops Cabinet IQ

The Results:

Our designer and customers were beyond happy with the end result. They came in wanting a space that was functional, and beautiful at the same time. We successfully added value to the homeowners’ already great space. So, whether they decide to stay there for the next thirty years, or list it right now, they have made a great decision and a great investment when it comes to their future.

new kitchen cabinet installed for the client, by Cabinet IQ
New cabinets installed by cabinet iq
New cabinets and fridge installed by cabinet iq

Here at Cabinet IQ, we always make sure the process is laid out properly, so there is no confusion or hiccups in the process. Our staff is also always respectful of your time. We will all strive to make your project timely, so that you are not out of your kitchen for more than you need to be. We know this is a huge decision in your journey, so please feel free to come by one of our showrooms for a free consultation. We will then pair you with one of our trusted designers, and the process will begin. Come visit us at either our Cedar Park showroom, or our Austin showroom to truly understand our 6-star experience.