Waterfall Island Heaven

Complete renovation jobs can be a huge life event for many people. Sometimes it can require the owners even moving out of their homes. The hassle is always worth the end result. A renovation can completely change the overall aesthetic and/or theme of your home. The customer that we will be spotlighting did an almost complete renovation of her entire home. While we only work on cabinets and countertops here at Cabinet IQ, we know how much of a pain it can be to work on the entire home. Whether you are taking it on for your own comfort or reselling purposes, the process can be very beneficial in the end.

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The Story:

As stated above, our customer was doing a complete home renovation. Walls were knocked down and the whole space was reconfigured. The previous cabinets and countertops had to be completely gutted due to the fact that they were extremely outdated.


It is very common in our industry to see a lot of brown oak cabinets in homes because that was popular decades ago when a lot of the homes we work with were built.  We paired her with our designer Linda, and they got to work. Our customers were going for a classic, clean, and timeless style. The design in this home was also very unique. Because it featured two tones of cabinets, the island in the kitchen had a different color than the other cabinets in the space.


The two toned aesthetic makes the space look more curated and custom look in our opinion. Also, this particular home featured a waterfall island. Waterfall islands provide a seamless, custom look with the countertops flowing over the edge just like a waterfall. Not all homes feature one of these specialty islands because they are more expensive because they are more difficult to construct. That is why they provide a statement to any kitchen, and we love how they turnout.

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before pic kitchen linda cabinet iq

The Solution:

In this case, the customer had us renovate her laundry room, bar area, and kitchen. Which is truly a treat for us at Cabinet IQ, because we enjoy doing more than once space in our client’s home. The exact specs included: NKBC Cinder Stain in shaker style for the island, and white shaker for perimeter. The island also featured Metroquartz countertops in Unique Calacatta Macchia Vecchia with a thickness of 3cm and 130″ x 64″. Unique Calacatta Macchia Vecchia features bold quartz with jet black and gray veins with gold accents. We see this as a lux, and rich countertop option for such a bold island.


For the other countertops in the space, the owner went with Arizona tile in the color Pro Storm in 3cm size. Pro storm is one of many of our quartz options, featuring stormy gray quartz with consistent white detailing throughout. This color gives a bold, and classic feel to whatever space it is in. The bar area and laundry room also has Pro Storm, and a white shaker cabinets. So this whole space is uniform, and comes together seamlessly.

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The Results:

One year after their project was completed, our customers are still delighted with their new spaces. They are glad they went through the renovation process because it was worth the hassle in their opinion. They were pleased with our design process, timeline, and our installation. As you can tell from the before and after photos, this was a huge transformation, especially due to the fact that the layout was completely transformed. Which definitely makes it look like a completely different home. We are proud of the work that was done in the home, and can’t wait to do many more just like it.

kitchen linda cabinet iq
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