Well-established franchises like Chick-fil-A and UPS are often the brands that capture the attention of future Franchisee candidates, but massive companies like these often come with their fair share of challenges and frustrations when it comes to joining their franchise system. Everything from your initial financial investment to where you can launch your business can be restrictive, making the process disheartening and unnecessarily difficult for the average person. Instead, a new franchise that’s offering a ground-floor opportunity could be the ideal fit for those who can’t or don’t want to be yet another store in a gigantic franchise system. From a lower initial financial investment figure to a more open connection with the core leadership team, there are numerous benefits new Franchisees can leverage as they start their new business when they join a franchise brand like Cabinet IQ.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest benefits of joining an emerging, ground-floor franchise opportunity and how Cabinet IQ provides each of our Franchise Owners a top-notch experience as an up-and-coming franchise.


5 Benefits of Joining an Emerging Franchise Brand


Lower Upfront Financial Investment

One of the most common frustrations we hear from new Franchisee candidates is about the astronomical initial financial investment being asked by some major franchises. While these companies may try to justify these higher expenses, it’s incredibly likely that you’ll find the same level of high-quality training and initial launch support from an emerging franchise brand even if you invest less upfront. In fact, you may even receive better hands-on support and one-on-one training with a ground-floor franchise because they’re even more invested in your success than a colossal corporate franchise. This lower upfront financial investment can come from a variety of sources, including a lower franchise fee, more affordable equipment or supply recommendations, or even more flexibility with your financing options.

Putting in less money at the beginning of a franchise relationship doesn’t mean you’ll receive less support. In fact, you may even receive better hands-on support and one-on-one training with a ground-floor franchise because they’re even more invested in your success than a massive corporate franchise. At Cabinet IQ, we value being an approachable franchise with a lower barrier to entry than many others in the home services industry. With our financial investment starting at just $189,450, we welcome people of all backgrounds to ditch corporate and become an entrepreneur with us.


Wide Open Territories to Choose From

If you’ve ever looked into joining an established, nationally-recognized franchise, then you’re familiar with the struggle of rarely being able to find a territory that’s ideal for you. Regardless of the industry, these giant franchises may be in, being restricted to territories that are either far from where you live or don’t align with your lifestyle can be a frustrating situation. Who wants to live in one state and then commute to another on a regular basis just to run your business?

At Cabinet IQ, we have territories available across the U.S., and many prime metropolitan markets are still up for grabs! With our franchise model and current territory accessibility, it’s easy for anyone looking to start their own business to establish themselves in the home services industry. This means that, no matter where you live, you have the chance to establish your presence and brand awareness and can even grow that to multiple territories before others learn of the franchise opportunity. The potential for long-term growth and profitability if you can capture a major territory first is massive.


Direct Access to the Founders

When you’re considering joining a franchise, one of the first things you need to look at is how your Franchisor will support and train you when you first get started. If you were to join an established franchise, the likelihood of you being able to interact with the Founder, CEO, or core leadership team during your onboarding phase or when you need support assistance is incredibly low. In organizations like these, you’re likely to connect with a middle manager or a few layers of management before connecting with leadership, if you ever connect at all.

However, with a younger franchise like Cabinet IQ, you’ll get the chance to interact with our Founder, as well as the leadership team, on a regular basis. We like to maintain this open line of communication with our Franchisees because we recognize that this accessibility helps our team gain the insights into the daily business operations we need to ensure all of our Franchise Owners are set up for success and supported with whatever they’re struggling with.


You Can Impact the Future of the Franchise

A young, emerging franchise offers Franchisees the unique opportunity of being able to help shape the future of the brand as they grow alongside each other. Whether it’s a brand that’s only recently launched franchise opportunities or it’s a new company and franchise altogether, you’ll have more of a voice and influence over things than you would with a long-established franchise with an already colossal presence. In these settings, you can communicate regularly with both the Founders and the support team to offer your ideas and suggestions, as well as provide your insights since you’ll be in the unique position of being one of the early adopters of their franchise model.

When you demonstrate this kind of active involvement, you gain a much more tangible level of impact on the overall business and its growth. If you’re looking to not only build a business – maybe even an empire? – for yourself and your family but also to contribute to something larger than yourself, taking the leap of faith and joining a ground-floor franchise opportunity may be the ideal path for you!


Leadership Opportunities

As an early member of a young franchise, you’ll have the chance to establish yourself as a veteran in the system, especially if you stick around and help the franchise grow over the years. During this time, you’ll be able to develop closer relationships with the support team and Founders and understand the service or products you’re offering even more than those who get on board later once the brand has become more established. This experience could translate into a leadership role like a Regional Director or even a position with the support team itself down the line.

With a large, established franchise, the work and dedication required to reach these leadership roles is significantly more since you have more competitors, many of whom joined the franchise in the very beginning. There are few new markets to break into or new situations to prove yourself as an expert in comparison to the first Franchise Owners, so your growth opportunities are slim.


You Can Help Influence Support Systems for Future Franchisees

As an early adopter of a franchise model, you’ll be one of the first Franchise Owners to utilize your Franchisor’s support systems. While these are often developed over years of hands-on experience, there could still be a few things that only you pick up on that could be improved. When you join a huge franchise system that’s either been around for decades or has already awarded territories to hundreds of Franchise Owners in just a few years, any feedback you provide regarding the support you’re given will likely fall on deaf ears – if it ever gets to a person in leadership at all.

Instead, with a ground-floor franchise opportunity, those supporting you – and sometimes, even the Founder! – are often actively seeking your feedback to ensure you’re satisfied and successful. In emerging franchises like Cabinet IQ, it’s much more likely that you’ll see your suggestions implemented and your support grow and change with you. At the end of the day, your Franchisor will be more receptive to your questions, leading both of you to a more cohesive relationship where you – and all of the other Franchise Owners that come after you – are more supported and successful in the long term.

Whether or not you’ve narrowed down your franchise search or not, if you’re looking to grow a business for yourself, consider looking at new and emerging franchises that are poised to grow along with you! The benefits we’ve discussed here show the massive growth potential you could expect from a ground-floor franchise investment opportunity like Cabinet IQ – as long as you’re ready to get to work for yourself, this could be a fantastic fit for your new business venture!

If you’re ready to put your entrepreneurial spirit to work for a home services business that’s all your own, Cabinet IQ may be the right place for you. We’re looking for Franchise Owners who are excited about joining a booming home improvement industry with the first franchise model to focus solely on cabinets and countertops in the country. With us, you need to be ready to work hard to shape the future of our home services franchise, as well as the future of an entire industry. When you’re ready to take the first step to starting your new home remodeling business, check out our 1-minute quiz to see if you qualify

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