How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

How much does a kitchen remodel cost? Cabinet IQ

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Your kitchen is one of the most alluring spaces in your home; it spells love and harmony and as such, should look like it. Therefore, if you want to add beauty to your home and make better use of the space you already have, you could consider remodeling your kitchen

Before embarking on a kitchen renovation journey, you may be wondering how much it costs to remodel a kitchen. Knowing the full scope of the budget and potential issues that may arise is essential for a successful kitchen remodeling plan. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the kitchen remodeling process, its estimated cost, the factors that affect the price, and ways you can be cost-effective. You just relax and read on.

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Factors To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

According to HomeAdvisor, an entry-level kitchen remodel costs $25,093, or $150 per square foot. The website puts the typical price range at $13,095 and $37,115 and says most homeowners spend anywhere from $75 to $250 per square foot.

Elegant touches, chiffoniers, and a functional layout are equally crucial for your lovely cookhouse. The size of the space, kind of materials and finishes, and the number of skilled workers needed all play a role in the final price tag.

Before you think of remodeling your kitchen, there are some factors you should consider. These are variables and differ from one place to another and among persons. It’ll be inaccurate if they’re not part of your budget. In the subsequent paragraphs, we’ll have an in-depth knowledge of them.

Consider Your Budget

Estimating the total cost of a renovation is the hardest part of the process. This is why it needs to be the first thing you focus on. The cost of a new kitchen can add up quickly, so it is important to think about your financial limitations before making any decisions.

Consider a home equity loan for a sizable project, or shop around for appliance and cabinet renovation financing (many offer zero interest for six months to a year). Then, consider doing some work yourself or updating your existing chiffoniers to save money instead of purchasing brand new ones.

Estimating your budget helps you measure the costs against your savings and make preparations beforehand.

Your Location Plays a Great Deal

Not only may the price of the kitchen remodel differ significantly from one state to the next, but it can also be drastically different depending on whether you reside in a rural or a city location.

Kitchen renovations in the South are typically more affordable than those in the North and West. For instance, a significant kitchen renovation can cost as much as $20,000 less in the South than in California. Now, you see why it’s essential to consider your location because it affects your budget considerably.

Minor, Mid-range, and High-End Renovations

Your budget also depends on what scale of renovation you have in mind. A minor kitchen remodel involves replacing worn-out components like worktops and fixtures without completely gutting the room. Some combinations of modern appliances, freshly painted cabinets, and updated flooring and backsplashes would constitute this category, which might also be labeled a “refresh.”

Similarly, a kitchen remodeling in the moderate-to-high price category has the same overall footprint as the old one but upgrades the materials’ quality. Remodeling the kitchen could involve putting in new cabinets, updating the hardware, switching out the countertops, and maybe even putting in an island or a peninsula.

However, major/high-end renovations would include anything from putting in brand new kitchen cabinets and countertops to reconfiguring the interior layout by knocking down walls and building extensions.

Knowing how much money you will need to acquire the kitchen of your dreams (or at least closer) can help you plan a redesign even if you want to stay in your house forever.

Maintain strict adherence to your plan for spending, and consider setting aside some money for unexpected costs. Unexpected problems can arise during any renovation, but they are especially likely in older homes.

To minimize “I don’t care, just get it done” spending towards the end of the project due to decision fatigue, it is also a good idea to think ahead to possible options in the latter stages of the project.

Select Your Lighting

It is true that a well-thought-out lighting design may transform an average kitchen renovation into something truly outstanding. If yours is like most older homes and has only one or two ceiling lights and a small window above the sink, it may be time for an improvement. Put in newer, wider windows and doors to let in more natural light.

Layers of lighting, such as recessed lighting, LED strip lighting under cabinets, pendant lights, and even a chandelier, can be used to significant effect.

Miniature spotlights mounted on the top of glass-front cabinets are a great way to show off your collection of fine stemware. All kitchen lights should be equipped with dimmer controls so that their brightness can be adjusted as needed during the day.

Thus, this will significantly alter your budget for your kitchen remodeling.

Choosing Appliances Matter A Great Deal

Plan for your kitchen appliances as you remodel them. So, if you have got your heart set on a huge commercial range, you might want to know that it might be necessary to reinforce the floor beneath it.

Most hoods have recommended vent duct dimensions for proper installation. To realign or upgrade ducts in an older home, it may be necessary to tear down sections of the wall or ceiling.

The cabinet’s height and the dishwasher’s location need to be coordinated for optimal performance. It is important to note that the depth of the cupboard behind your stove can vary depending on the model you choose. There may not be enough room for a utensil drawer just under the countertop.

If you do not want to put your microwave on the counter, you will need a dedicated electrical outlet and possibly a special chiffonier or shelf to accommodate its size and shape. As these options vary depending on your choices, so does the budget vary alongside.

Estimated Amount for Kitchen Remodel

Below is a table to show the estimate of remodeling the kitchen depending on your scale of renovation and budget;

Remodel Budget

Low $5,000 – $15,000

Medium $15,000 – $30,000

High-end/Major $30,000+

Install appliances

$100 – $300 per appliance

$400 – $600

$700 – $900

Install cabinets

$1,200 – $3,200

$3,500 – 5,500

$6,500 – $8,500

Install countertops

$900 – $ 1,100

$2,100 – $4,100

$5,100 – $7,100

Install a faucet

$130 – $230

$330 – $430

$530 – $630

Install flooring

$700 – $1700

$1,800 – $2,800

$2,900 – $3,900

Install a sink

$500 – $1,500

$1,600 – $2,100

$2,200 – $2,700

The Remodeling magazine offers different estimates for the cost of a kitchen remodel. For 2020, it says the typical cost is:

$23,452 for a basic kitchen remodel.

$68,490 for a mid-level kitchen remodel.

$135,547 for a high-end kitchen remodel.

See if you’re going to work with a smaller project or a bigger one depending on the need your kitchen has and then budget accordingly.

How Can You Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel?

Do you like the idea of remodeling your kitchen but fear the cost involved? When making budgets for renovations, it’s ideal to employ cost-effective methods to achieve your projects.

Over the past few years, the cost of renovating kitchens has skyrocketed, and over time, kitchens have expanded in size but also become more elaborate in design. More and more often, even buyers of affordable houses expect them to have high-end amenities. Eventually, this means more cost to your budget.

Special features can be included even on a modest budget, however, creative cost-cutting may be necessary.

In order to ease up on your budget, consider the following:

  • Use Your Existing Layout

Having a well-liked kitchen plan is a plus. Changing the layout of your kitchen space by demolishing or building a wall, relocating plumbing, and installing new wiring can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

You can save more money if you simplify each trade as much as possible. Instead of investing all of your money on a complete plan overhaul, you can instead pick and choose from these low-cost options for redesigning your kitchen. This will reduce the cost and ease out some unnecessary costs on your budget.

  • Upgrade The Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling costs can be minimized by reusing existing cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Keeping a pricey item like the kitchen cupboards is a plus. The cupboard boxes or framework are preserved during a refacing operation, while the chiffonier fronts (drawer fronts, doors, hinges, and hardware) are all replaced.

“Cabinets are the workhorse of the kitchen,” Tennille Wood, CEO and principal designer at Beautiful Habitat in Denver, tells NerdWallet. “The entire floor plan and function of the kitchen is built on them.”

Painting your kitchen cupboards is a great way to incorporate color and personality into your home while keeping up with the latest design trends. Simply replacing the hardware with something that better suits the kitchen’s new style or color scheme is a simple and inexpensive way to freshen up the space.

An understated architectural element can have a significant visual impact. Molding used on cabinetry crowns adds both visual appeal and personality.

  • Do Some Of The Work Yourself

Take up part of the renovation work yourself to save money if you do not mind giving up some of your free time and giving it some good old-fashioned muscle. Painting chiffoniers, installing light fixtures, and light tiling are all projects that may be done on your own to save money without requiring the expertise of a professional. This will reduce the cost of your budget for hiring professionals.


A kitchen remodel is a major undertaking that requires careful preparation. It is highly suggested that you give these ideas serious thought in order to reduce the overall cost of the renovations and the strain on your budget.


What Is The Biggest Expense In a Kitchen Remodel?
Cabinets are typically the most costly part of a kitchen renovation. Kitchen remodeling costs can be minimized by reusing existing ones.
How Much Does Labor Cost For A Kitchen Remodel?
The price of labor typically varies with the scope, scale, and location of a given project. Remodeling projects typically have a labor cost that is between 25 and 40 percent of the total cost.
For a budget using low-quality supplies, labor typically accounts for a bigger percentage of total costs.
How Much Do New Kitchen Cabinets Cost?
For your budget for new kitchen cabinets, the total cost will differ greatly based on factors such as the number of linear feet being covered and the quality and style of the cabinets being used. Cabinets can cost anywhere from $180-900/lf depending on the quality and finishes.
What Is Included In A Kitchen Remodel?
Below is a list of things you should include in your kitchen remodel; Cabinets, appliances, countertops, sink, and backsplash. Other salient ideas include; Lighting and Electrical, flooring, plumbing, and painting.
Is It Worth It To Reface Your Cabinets?
Although refacing your cabinets will save you money (for your budget) in comparison to buying brand new ones, it is not always a good idea. The door is typically the most expensive component of a cabinet, accounting for as much as 70 percent of the entire cost. You might as well replace the whole cabinet if you are going to spend the money on the priciest component anyhow.

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