Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades: 5 Ways to Modernize Rustic Cabinets

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Are you ready to trade in your rusty reds and deep browns for a fresh, modern look? Texas homeowners have always loved rustic style homes. And this also means rustic cabinetry. Since we here at Cabinet IQ are based in the capital of the lone star state, Austin, Texas. We know a thing or two about rustic homes. Even if you still enjoy a rustic style throughout your home, there can be ways to make it look rustic chic, or just more of a modern version. For many people, a kitchen renovation may not be in the budget, or it might just be the wrong time of your life. Whatever the situation may be, we have your back. Our team completely understands that a full kitchen remodel may not be for everyone for the time being. There are many ways to give your kitchen cabinets a refresh. After years in the remodeling industry, we want to share our knowledge that we have learned through our own trials and tribulations.

1. Hardware

Hardware is one of the cost effective ways to transform your space. It can also be a very noticeable detail throughout. Hardware comes in many different colors and styles. In 2022, we typically see: brushed gold, antique gold, polished gold, brass, bronze, silver, or black. Adding gold hardware to brown cabinets can be a nice contrast. Or, silver hardware is very complementary to gray cabinetry. For white, we would say either would be a nice touch. We even see some clients opting for mixed metals to create a more industrial look. Soft close hardware for your cabinet doors and drawer glides are another nice upgrade. Hardware can be purchased through many vendors online or in store. If you are local to the Austin, Texas area, our two local showrooms can also provide hardware for you.

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2. Accessories

Modern accessories are another great way to make your kitchen more modern. We recommend: glassware, small appliances such as a toaster or mixer, or a chic coffee maker. Especially by adding certain colors or accessories. Such as: black, chrome, or gold. Rugs also can tie in the overall atmosphere. They can add comfort and a “homey” feel. Especially by choosing complementing colors that tie on your other features. Adding bright colors can give off a more eclectic aesthetic. While adding earth tones can add a modern, earth element. The colors you choose could definitely change the overall theme, so make sure you choose wisely.

3. Paint/Wallpaper

Speaking of colors, the color of the walls can also be a deal breaker. If you choose a sleek coat of stark white, or cool gray, that might transform the space alone. Neutral colors are here to stay as one of the top trends of the last few years. That is because neutral color wall paint gives off a modern aura. Our favorites include: stark white, warm gray, or rich beige. It is important to note how much new paint can transform your space. Old paint is often cracked, faded in shade, or still has a popcorn ceiling. New paint is fresh, and definitely provides a freshly renovated look. The wall color is one of the first elements seen when walking into a room. Some colors give off warm impressions, while others give off cold and uninviting. Wallpaper is for sure coming back in style. We saw a wallpaper boom in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, it decreased in popularity in most recent times, and we are now seeing another rise. Wallpaper brings in texture and patterns that are not possible with paint alone. If done well, wallpaper can definitely also make a space look more expensive. If you’re hesitant about the commitment to wallpaper, it’s always a great idea to just do one wall with wallpaper to create an accent wall.

4. Backsplash

Backsplash is a great way to accent your kitchen. It highlights the cabinets and countertops, and adds dimension. There is a vast variety of styles that backsplash comes in many different vendors. The most popular types of modern backsplash are: ceramic tile, subway tiles, marble, and those that include modern shapes and patterns. The average cost to redo backsplash is between $500-$1000 depending on your specific layout, and material you choose to go with. This is a great option for those that may not be ready to invest a lot of money into the project. A modern backsplash can do wonders with rustic cabinetry, and even countertops. Our designers suggest neutral colors, earth toned materials, and ceramic finishes. Or even a dark contrast such as black, or dark gray to highlight your neutral color scheme.

5. Flooring

While flooring is definitely the priciest option, we think it would make the biggest impact. Outdated flooring can wreak havoc with the overall design. Old flooring can also date the whole kitchen. Going with a neutral wood is always our go to. It can last for decades, and provide a premium feature to the space. Of course flooring prices range depending on the material you choose.
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With all of this being said, there are endless ways to love your space, and make it your own. If you ever do come across a time that you are ready for a full scale kitchen transformation, Cabinet IQ is here for you! We have two convenient locations in the Austin, Texas area. Our team is here to serve you as you potentially go through a big life change. If you want to get to know us more, or simply want to find out more information about the industry, and kitchen renovation tips, check out our other blog posts on our website. Happy renovating!

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