Why You Should Start Your Kitchen Remodel Now to Finish Before the Holidays

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Kids aren’t the only ones that look forward to holidays all year long. Everyone anticipates the most wonderful time of the year! Who doesn’t enjoy spending time with friends and family, eating yummy foods, and making memories? Hopefully, this is something we can all agree on! Where do the majority of these special holiday traditions take place, you ask? In the kitchen, of course!


Now think about Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’re standing in your kitchen surrounded by your loved ones…what is going through your mind? Are you happy, cozy, and content? Or are you anxious, uncomfortable, and embarrassed of your outdated kitchen? If so, now is the time to start planning your kitchen remodel before the holiday season! Here are the main reasons you should prioritize your project now.

1.Supply Chain

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the global supply chain has been stretched thin. It has become harder and harder to receive items from other countries, and even our own states. With the holidays, we see more labor shortages and a more backed up supply chain. For most custom cabinets and semi custom cabinets, the standard lead time just to receive the cabinets after ordering is 12 weeks. That doesn’t include design, lead time, changes, and other contractors you have to work with in order to do a full kitchen renovation. 

Even if you chose a cheaper, less nice quality cabinet, the lead time is still four weeks from the point of ordering. That timeline doesn’t include the time picking out colors, finishes, and layout. The design process can be lengthy, especially if you are the type of person that has a tendency to change their mind often. Anyone making a huge decision such as what color they want their kitchen to be, has a right to be picky and precise. Also, those standard turnaround times can increase or decrease depending on exactly when ordered, and brand you end up going with.

2. Stress

Holidays are already stressful, so why add a kitchen renovation to the mix? Here at Cabinet IQ, we can ease that stress. We will be upfront, honest, and a resource for your kitchen renovation journey. Even if you wait 4-6 more weeks to begin the process, you will either risk not having the renovation completed at all, or dragging out the process right before the holidays. While you are trying to complete your holiday shopping and other preparation, you probably don’t want painters or electricians waltzing through your home. If you begin the process now, the chances of completion well before the holidays are very high. 

Besides kitchen remodelers that work on the cabinets and countertops, there are obviously other service providers that have to complete other tasks. Such as: electrical, appliances, plumbing, flooring, and backsplash. Each of those third party people will also require many appointments and coordination efforts. Once we get cabinets and countertops ordered, we can also get an installation date also scheduled.

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3. Functionality

A kitchen is a place to gather, grow, and be with the ones you love the most. Having a place to put all of your beloved kitchen accessories is ideal for the holiday season. Whether you need a place to put servingware, or a place for all of your food, a functional kitchen can make or break your whole hosting experience. Even if you aren’t hosting this year, and just making a meal for your family of four, you still want a peaceful place to make memories that will last forever. 


When renovating, you can add larger drawers, and even storage solutions to cabinets. A larger island space, or a bigger pantry can be configured when making the plans on what the space will look like. If you have an inviting, organized, and functional kitchen, it might encourage you to host more often. Starting the kitchen renovation process can give you the ability to plan everything now and enjoy it later.

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